Jul 6, 2016


"I'm sick of people not taking other seriously when they appear "girly".
What does that even mean anyway?"

Raychel Reimer is an artist based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. An artist of many platforms, Reimer is a writer, filmmaker and photographer. A graduate of the Media Arts (Film & TV) program at Sheridan Institute in Ontario, Reimer specializes in documentaries and production management. Since graduation, she has been working professionally in the film, television and media industry. Currently a hobby writer, she has been recognized for her honest words in projects such as "100 Tides" and "Head-to-Toe"

Now, she brings poetry and photography together again with her latest project "Pastels & Poetry". Reimer uses Instagram as an outlet to visually showcase her poetry in uniquely assembled frames to catch the reader's eye. The purpose of the bold color use in Reimer's project is to not shy away from her own personal femininity, and to deconstruct the idea that bright colors are neither gendered or juvenile. The project can be found on Instagram at the handle @RRxWORDS.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Reimer about her latest projects, inspirations, and future plans. 

E.S : What inspired you to create this project? Is there a specific message you wanted to share through it? 

R.R : I've been experimenting for years with pairing my writing with photography, and it's been tricky finding a style that feels right for me. In the past, I shied a lot from bright colors out of fear that people might not take my writing seriously, which is important to me because sometimes my writing focuses on pretty heavy material. This year, I decided to drop that fear completely. In person, I'm a Hello Kitty lover with a loud laugh and pink hair, I decided I'm not going to hide that in my work anymore. I'm sick of people not taking other seriously when they appear "girly". What does that even mean anyway? So I've decided to embrace the pinks, yellows, flowers and create something that feels like me. I hope people will eventually understand that bright colors are neither gendered nor juvenile. I hope people will either like or dislike my work because of the content itself, instead of labelling it by the palette. 

E.S : Your writing usually revolves around love/self-love and I love it! What's one important thing you've learned about love so far?

R.R : I am the biggest hopeless romantic - you don't even know. I've been teased endlessly for being a "serial monogamist" or whatever and I really just laugh it off. There's a whole notion that floats around about how being alone means being an independent badass. I agree with that! But I also believe that you can be an independent badass while you're in a relationship too. I've become really familiar with my emotions, and I think what I've learned thus far is that it's beautiful to allow yourself to be vulnerable. i think it takes a lot of strength to let yourself fall. 

E.S : Have you always been into writing, photography and filmmaking?

R.R : I've been journaling and writing poetry ever since I can remember. As for the other two - I think I always secretly wanted to be a photographer. My parents would leave the house and my brother and I would just use up all their film taking weird silly portraits of each other. I started taking it seriously when I was about 14 and took some courses. When I finished high school, I applied to a number of photography schools and ended up getting into this relatively competitive film program that I applied to on a whim. I was more attracted to the film industry because there is more job variety, so I did that instead. It was a bit of a bumpy evolution, but going to film school was the best decision I've ever made. 

E.S : Between filmmaking, photography, and writing, which is your preferred way of expressing yourself? 

R.R : I work full-time in the film industry and I see my future in filmmaking. That being said, my preferred way of expressing myself would 100% be writing. 

E.S : Is there a particular time where you feel you write your best? 

R.R : I gather my thoughts by journaling. Minutes after closing my journal, the poetry starts flowing.

E.S : What would be the next big step for your art? What other projects would you like to take on in the future?

R.R: I change my mind a lot, which is probably my biggest flaw. If I'm still feeling inspiration from this project in a little while, I would love to start expanding into making products out of the images. In the future, I'd also be thrilled to collaborate with an illustrator, which is something I've never done. 

E.S : As an artist, you're an inspiration to many. Who inspires you?

R.R: Visually, I am absolutely blown away by Charmaine Olivia. I also love Ambivalently Yours. Those two artists really helped me feel more comfortable in using color. Poetically, my biggest inspiration is Shane Koyczan. Professionally, my dad. 

E.S : What advice would you give to a young adult that wants to pursue a degree in fine arts?

R.R : If you think going to school is really going to advance your skills, please go. The best thing I ever did was go to a production based film school. I met lifelong friends and it really put me in a place where I felt comfortable to jump into my career. I have a great job that I absolutely love now. That being said, others from my program may not agree. Some dropped out because they felt like they could have just been learning those skills in the real world, and that worked for them. We're all different. 
Whatever you do, don't waste your money on a program that isn't going to benefit you. If you are passionate about something, try to pursue it. You can always change your mind. 

You can find Raychel Reimer online here:
Instagram: @RRxWORDS
Tumblr: www.rrxwords.tumblr.com 

Check out her RRxWORDS artwork here!
Thank you to Raychel Reimer for letting us feature her and her work on the blog!

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