Jun 6, 2016


Hello beautiful people, I hope you're doing well! Recently I started noticing just how much social media was taking over my life. I would wake up, pick up my phone, and start checking all social media as a morning routine. Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and then Tumblr. Once I was satisfied, I would get out of bed.  On top of this nonsense morning routine, I started realizing just how many times I would check my social media. It was getting ridiculous, so one day I asked Daphne if she wanted to do a social media cleanse with me, "But only for 2 days because I'm weak," were my exact words. 

If you've never heard of a social media cleanse, it's basically no social media whatsoever for however long you'd like. Some people even go as far as no text messages throughout the day, but that was too much. Daphne agreed to try it with me for the two days, so no Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and we even added Pinterest. Because Pinterest is like Target, once you're in you never get out. And of course, we decided to make a blog post about it! So let's get started:


The first day was hard, like extremely hard, for no reason. Right away we figured out what social media apps were our favorite. I kept finding myself open up the Twitter app, realizing what I was doing, and then closing it immediately. I did that so many times on the first day, and so did Daphne. I think it's easy to forget just how dependent we are on Social Media, and I have nothing against it. I'm always defending SM because without it I wouldn't have learned more than half the things I know now. But we need to remember to step back, and not have our eyes glued to our phone, every once in a while.


Safe to say we really hated this idea the second we woke up, it was a complete change to what we were so used to. We had to find other ways to be entertained, and everything felt like a bore. Social Media was a way to entertain us, and we've been used to it for so long we didn't realize how dependent we were becoming to it. We hated that realization, and couldn't believe we felt like a life didn't exist outside of social media. We definitely want to keep doing this, which brings us to our next point:


When we did this we said absolutely no Social Media, unless it was for the blog (like posting a picture on Instagram and sharing an update on Facebook and Twitter). Next time we definitely want to do it for a few more days and not be so restrictive, and not because we missed it so much. We tend to use Pinterest for recipes, preworkout meal ideas, and journaling ideas. And it's what we hated the most from this social media cleanse experiment, it wasn't Instagram or Facebook.  

Hopefully next month when we try the social media cleanse you guys can join us, and then we can regroup and talk about what we learned. My social media cleanse was a bit longer because my phone broke and I couldn't get it fixed for a few days, so it's been a great week to say the least. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful Monday,

Kristine :) 

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