Jun 1, 2016


It's almost been a year since I "came out" to my family. For all you new readers out there, Daphne and I are together and have been for a little over 2 years now. We made a post about it a while back which you can read here

We met online and decided to make it official February 2014, and by July of that year I was going to go see her. Telling my parents that I was going to visit her was hard, but telling them I was in a relationship with her was even harder. I only ever dated one guy in my first year of high school, and never found interest in anyone after that. But just because I never dated anyone, or found interest in anyone, I never identified myself as a lesbian or even bisexual. And when I came out, so many people told me that they knew? I laughed, because they didn't know anything at all. 

I sometimes don't understand why people like to try and guess what sexuality a person is. Even now I'm rolling my eyes. I come from a Hispanic family, so I grew up debating with my parents on LGBT+ rights. Thankfully, from all that debating I've changed their mind on some issues (I'm still working on more issues now). So knowing that I was constantly debating with them, I was terrified of telling them that I had feelings for another girl. 

When I finally did, tears were shed for a while, but now everything is a okay and I'm extremely happy. But for months the only people that knew were my parents, and my best friend. I was terrified of what people were going to say. And not just people, but my own family. I really didn't want them looking at me any differently, or treating me differently. 

Then July 2015 I made an Instagram post declaring my love for Daphne and shared it to my Facebook for all my family to see. Such a millennial move I know, but it's not like I was about to have a family gathering. I'm really happy to say that I never felt so loved in my life, it made me feel ridiculous for doubting them in the first place. I'm so lucky and grateful that my family loves me no matter what, and they'll always be by my side. I had cousins calling me, uncles texting me, and my mom and dad calling me and telling me they were so happy for me and people's reactions. I finally feel accepted and everyone in my family has greeted Daphne with open arms, no snide remarks or ugly side eyes like I was expecting. I will forever be so grateful that my family is so accepting and love me dearly, because my heart breaks every single time I hear how ugly parents can be to their LGBT+ child. 

A few months before I met Daphne I remember telling my friends that I don't see myself dating a girl. That I just don't feel that attraction towards them, which every time I think about that night I snort. So young and naive I was. I don't identify as lesbian, and I'm not even sure I identify as Bisexual either. But I know in my heart that I truly and deeply love Daphne, and I felt this connection with her the second we met. Since I never really felt comfortable identifying as bi or gay, I decided to look into sexualities more. By learning more about sexualities I felt like I would learn more about myself, and it's exactly what happened. Stay tuned because another blog post about what I've learned and my sexuality will be published soon!

For any of you who are part of the LGBTQ+ community and aren't accepted by the ones you love, just know that I love you and there are people out there who love you. Everything will get better! For those of you who don't really know how you feel about the same sex, or about sex in general, it's okay! Everything will fall into place soon enough. I love you all and hope you're all doing wonderful.

xx, Kristine

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  1. I love reading about your experience!! I love you and miss you I hope to one day meet your other half I bet she's as great as you are ������

    1. Thanks Marilyn!!! I love you and miss you as well :) And she is great, it's like dating myself 💁🏻


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