Jun 8, 2016


And we're not talking about drinking 6 gallons of water a day or eating raw kale for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As a teenager I've always struggled with being healthy and losing weight. It's always been something I've longed for. I would find myself thinking things like "I'll feel better once i lose this much weight.", or "I'll be able to wear this and be confident once i'm skinny." I think today's society did play a role as to why I was having those thoughts but I think a big part of it was mostly my own fault. It took me a lot of self-discovery and learning to love myself to realize that our bodies are the simply the vessel that carries our soul on this earth. Taking care of your body is crucial, yes. But I strongly believe that you need to get to know yourself and take care of yourself mentally first since it is the pure essence of your person. 

Your physical appearance shouldn't keep someone from being with you, whether as a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend. If someone in your daily life has a problem with your physical appearance, get rid of them. I feel like we too often compliment our loved ones based on physical elements rather than complimenting their actual person. I rarely tell my friends that I'm happy they're alive or that they're empowering and inspire me to be a better person or that I think they're such strong people. I believe all of that, but i'll unconsciously comment on how nice their hair looks or how pretty they are. I want to start working hard on being aware of this and trying to really compliment my loved ones instead of complimenting their body. 

Mental health is the first step to tackling a healthy lifestyle and I wont lie, it's hard work. But the results are incredible. Here are my 5 tips for increasing your mental health. 


One thing that is crucial to really come to terms with your thoughts and feelings is to assess yourself. You can write down or even make short voice memos to record how you're feeling. Try to go back to the root of the emotion and acknowledge that this particular thing is why you're feeling a certain way. Remember that all your emotions are valid. To help distance your feelings with the situation, imagine what you would say to a good friend coming to you with the same problem. 


This goes hand it hand with the first tip. Accept that bad things happen. By doing so you won't be so thrown off when something doesn't go as planned or a bad situation comes out of the blue. Remember that everything happens for a reason. You might think that this one thing will throw you off your path but it might simply be a detour. Keep in mind that everything you experience is a lesson.


Learning to trust your gut can be quite tricky sometimes but it's crucial. You want the best for yourself so why not trust that your gut is right? Be confident that you will know how to get yourself out of sticky situations, no matter how long it takes. You're capable of anything you put your mind to. All you need to do is believe in yourself and trust that you can accomplish anything. 


Be selfish and focus on what makes you happy and keep doing it. Try not to worry about how others will feel or think. Unless you're putting yourself in danger, other peoples' opinions shouldn't really matter. Get rid of people who don't support you and keep you from moving forward. Take responsibility for your actions when something goes wrong and remember to keep doing whatever makes you feel inspired and happy. Remember that you can ask for help. Talking to loved ones who you connect strongly with and challenge you is important. 


Focus on what you have instead of what you could have if you would've done this differently or if you would've done like this person. Remind yourself daily of the things you have accomplished and don't sell yourself short! Every accomplishment is worth celebrating. Have at least one person who will celebrate those victories with you. Someone who will push you when you need it and will cheer you on. There's nothing greater than growing and being successful with someone you love. 

Never forget how important you and your health are. You should be surrounded by people who treasure you and who accept you for who you are. Don't let yourself settle for less than what you deserve. It's ok to have high standards and to believe in yourself. Don't be afraid to let everyone know that.

I hope you all have a great week!.

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  1. Being realistic is so key!! These are great - I love how you really focused on mental and emotional health!



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