May 9, 2016


Finals suck, and there's nothing we can do about it.
Or is there?

Finals are rapidly approaching and the anxiety can be smelled in the air. As always we come to you with simple tips and tricks to help ease your mind a little during finals! Here are our 5 tips to acing your finals without having a burnout.


Start by writing down what you need to do or study for each of your classes. Getting a visual of what you need to get done will help with scheduling everything without getting overwhelmed. Get some free printables from online and fill them out! Theorganisedstudent from tumblr has some free ones, here's an assignment planner and an essay planner. Depending on how much you need to do, you can focus on one class a day and go from there. It's easier to focus on one subject at a time instead of going back and forth in a studying session. 


I know people who will overwork themselves and be so stressed and focused on acing their finals that they will spend nights awake studying. I don't think this is a good thing for anyone. To avoid this, schedule your tasks realistically. When planning your studying session for the day, ask yourself if you think you can get everything done and still be able to eat, shower, and get around 8 hours of sleep. There is no point in staying up until the early hours of the morning studying because your brain will not be able to do it's job. It's better for you to study as much as you can and get enough sleep. Your brain will be able to process what you studied during the day and you will have enough energy to keep going the next day. Please please please make sure to give yourself breaks. There are apps like Pomodoro and Focus Now that will keep track of how long you've been studying so you can give yourself a 20 minute break every 2 hours or whatever else you please. 


This is crucial to ensure a productive study session. The biggest and most important no-no is studying in your bed. Avoid this at all cost because your brain associates you being in your bed to sleeping and relaxing. If you know it's hard to be productive when studying in your house, go out. Go to the library or to a coffee shop where you will find other people studying and doing homework. The change of scenery will help motivate you to be productive. If your phone is a big distraction, put it on airplane mode or on the do not disturb setting. If you need your laptop of tablet to do your work and magically find yourself on Facebook or Twitter, you can download apps such as Cold Turkey which is, unfortunately, only available for Macs but there is also a Chrome alternative that you can find here. If you don't need your laptop for your study session, don't bring it with you "just in case" or leave it in the next room. You won't be tempted to surf the web. 


Focus mainly on studying the big topics. Make a list of things that were talked about a lot in class or recurring themes and notions. Make sure you know the general topics first. It will make it easier for you to grasp the details after. Tackle the most important, or the classes you have most difficulty in, first so you can spend more time on them. When it comes to homework, finish everything that is due by the end of the week before tackling next weeks essay. 


Whether it's at the end of day or during your studying breaks, reward yourself. Go outside and take a walk, treat yourself to a nice snack, or watch that Youtube video you've been wanting to watch for a few days. It's important to balance out your studying with some relaxing and less intense activities to let yourself wind down. 

All that really matters is that you do the very best you can. Get enough sleep, give your body enough nutrients and find the right balance of life and school so that you can succeed! 

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