Apr 25, 2016


It's been a few months since we decided to stop looking into cruelty-free products, and start buying them, and since then we've found some of our favorite products.

This is a mix of both of our personal favorites, and some we both love together. It's a mix of drug store brands and brands that you'll find at Sephora or Ulta. We've put a list of products together for a full face of makeup, starting with foundation and ending with lipstick. We're really excited to share our cult faves with you, so let's get started:

This is Daphne's go to foundation. Finding cruelty-free foundation at a decent price can get a bit difficult but she definitely found it. It's one of her absolute faves, it's full coverage, lasts a good 8 hours without getting patchy in certain areas, and has a glowy finish. All of this for just $17.95, you can find this at any Canadian drug stores, and for US residents it can be bought online.

The Elf bronzer is something we've had since before we went cruelty-free, with it being just 4 dollars, you can't go wrong. It's great to give the face a little bit of warmth and glow. Daphne personally likes using each color separately, and when looking at the reviews some people like to do the same and others like to mix them. It's all up to you! 

Honestly, I love this brow pencil so much and I've gone through a few different brow products. I've done the powder, the mechanical pencil, and a felt tip pen, but nothing beats this eyebrow pencil. Although it's a bit pricey, $23.95, it's definitely worth it. It's easy to fix up a mistake, it goes on softly and is very buildable. I recommend this to anyone and everyone, treat yo self!

Honestly, I probably thank Daphne every time I wear these eyeshadows because they're my absolute fave. It's the best to use both every day as well as a night out because of the neutral colors. Ever since I got them, I've used them almost every day. I rarely ever go to school with any eyeshadow on, just some eyeliner and mascara, but since I was gifted these I've been using them. Maybe I'll do a full review on them. I can't wait to buy more of Colourpop's super shock shadows, I'm obsessed with the formula and the longwear!

This is probably one of my absolute favorites, I've already bought it twice because of how much I love it. It goes on easy and it lasts me all day. I can put it on at 8 in the morning and when I look at my makeup around 8 or 9 at night, I see that it doesn't need any touching up. It's not like other liners where it smears or comes off easily. It is $20 but I promise you it's completely worth every cent.

Take it from me, this is Daphne's holy grail. Whenever we start talking about makeup she mentions that she has to buy it again because she's sadly seeing the end of it. The name of the mascara isn't kidding, it really does give you total lash. Volume and length without any clumps or it looking tacky. She's talked about it so much I've actually been on the lookout for it myself. It's only $6, which is such a great price for such a good quality mascara.

Honestly, this is our holy grail, Daphne had actually bought this when she was visiting me and left it behind and I kept it because I loved it so much. It's a cream lipstick, and the color is so nice, and goes with every skin color. It's a bit of berry and plum color, and it's both an everyday lipstick as well as one to go out. And the best part? It's $6!

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  1. It's always great to know which companies produce cruelty free products. Nice post!
    ♡ Kristina

    1. It is great! It's even greater when you're already cult faves are cruelty free. Thank you! :)

  2. I've been wanting to switch to cruelty free products! Thanks for sharing this. I really love the Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil too. Another CF product I love is Birchbox ARROW lip balm! XO, Sarah | http://www.thebellainsider.com/ | http://www.instagram.com/sarah_thebella

    1. We'll definitely check it out! And we felt the same way too, what we did is stop buying products we knew tested on animals and started buying cruelty free ones. We didn't throw out any of our products, but just finished them. We still have some products that test on animals, but we really don't want to throw them out because 1) it cost money 2) we need to look for dupes for it. Cruelty-Free Kitty is a great blog to start your venture into cruelty free products :)


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