Apr 1, 2016


I love food. I love baking, cooking and putting together yummy meals. Here's where I get my recipes and inspiration from. 

Since becoming a vegetarian, I've found a new passion for cooking. I'd find myself on Pinterest and browsing through the different meals, snacks, and desert ideas, and accumulating a giant list of recipes to try. As I've been going through it and trying new things, I noticed that a lot of the recipes I had my eye on were coming from the same bloggers. As they're, in my opinion, some of the best food bloggers, I thought I would share them with you!

The Minimalist Baker

Their name is pretty self-explanatory. Dana and John provide recipes that aren't time consuming, easy and well, minimalist. From deserts, meals, breakfasts, entrees, snacks and how-to's, they do it all!! Their food photography is impeccable and their recipes are delicious. 

Some of my favorite recipes:

Hot For Food

John and Lauren are the creators of this vegan food blog. They do amazing recipes like the ones listed below. They have a blog and also a Youtube channel where you can watch the recipes come to life! They're hilarious and genuine and I love their content! Their cauliflower buffalo wings are a definite must try!!! 


They're a vegetarian food blog that do easy, delicious recipes. They also do vegan recipes, cover cooking tips and tricks, and meal plans. I always find myself on their website looking for meal inspiration and I'm never deceived. The recipes are refreshing and have some interesting twists to them and make me go out of my comfort zone sometimes and I love it! It's also great for first time vegetarians, they even have a link that have tips for tofu beginners, bloggers favorite vegetarian recipes, make any recipe meatless, and so much more. It was a great place for us to start, and it's a website we're constantly visiting. 

Some of my favorite recipes:

Let me know if you try out some of these recipes and also feel free to recommend me your favorite ones! 

*None of these picture are our own. 

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