Mar 30, 2016


"Self-care needs to be included in what you should be doing. It is not a privilege. It is a necessity." 
- Jessica N. Turner 

Lately I've been trying to take more care of myself and actually taking time to do so. I recently heard of Jessica N Turner's Fringe Hours books (there's also a podcast). Basically what the fringe hours are the minutes that you spend during the day doing nothing, or doing things like scrolling on your phone or watching tv. The fringe hours are the times of the days that could be used to do things that you initially think you don't have to do. For example, whenever I'd come home from work I would find myself in bed scrolling on social media for half an hour before getting to my homework. I replaced that half hour during the afternoon for a half hour before bed where I pamper myself. I'll wash my face, moisturize my body, and just really take the time to have a little time for myself so I go to sleep calm and relaxed. 

As you may or may not know, Kristine and I have been slowly working through our makeup, skincare products, household products and replacing them with cruelty-free and organic products. -You can check out our post about going cruelty-free here.- I've finally found products that are not only doing wonders for my skin, but also for animals and the environment and I thought I would rave about them with you!


I've been trying not to finish this product to really get to know it and appreciate it for as long as I can. What's great about it is that a little goes a very long way, especially when it's mixed with water. It removes all the dirt and makeup from my face and doesn't make my skin feel tight afterward. It has a nice whipped consistency that feels luxurious and rich when you apply it on your face. I have a full review of F.A.B's holiday gift set and you can check it out here!


I'm still new to this one but it's phenomenal. The scent is incredible and is an amazing mood booster! The ground coffee helps scrub the face which is an amazing alternative to other face masks that have micro-beads in them which does nothing but harm your skin. I would always use exfoliants and they would leave my skin feel tight and sensitive to the touch and I thought it was just what exfoliants do. When I found out about this Cup O' Coffee scrub, I got my hands on it and have been loving it! It isn't harsh on my skin, I don't get any redness and it leaves my skin incredibly soft. The best part is that it's made of natural ingredients, isn't tested on animals and is a vegan product! 


I can't get enough of this brand. I first tried out their hair care products and I was pleasantly surprised. I was on the hunt for a toner and stumbled upon their skincare products and couldn't resist. These products are 100% natural and organic, and are the same price, if not cheaper than any regular skin care products. These products have been kind and gentle to my skin and i'm loving it. The face wash leaves my skin incredibly smooth and soft. The moisturizer is one of my favorites. It has more of a gel consistency which I have been loving. I'd never tried anything like it and so far its been a 10/10. 

This toner is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. It has the most subtle scent of rose and cleanliness. The only way I can truly describe the scent is that it smells like the pool, but in a good way. (My roommate agrees) I had never used a toner before so i'm getting used to it and watching the changes in my skin. I've notice in the first few days that the redness in my cheeks has gone down, which i'm happy about! 

This Mary-Kay spin brush is what makes all this magic happen. I use it to work the cleanser into my skin twice a day and it's been my biggest weapon in actually cleaning out my skin and getting rid of pesky zits. Since I have sensitive skin I was afraid it might break me out and irritate my skin but it has been great! This brush helps me slow down when I clean the face. I'll really focus on problem areas on my face like my chin and forehead and let the brush massage my skin for a few minutes. I would definitely recommend a cleansing brush!

These have been my favorite skincare products for the past few weeks! Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations for Lush products! I want to try out more of their products.

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  1. That coffee scrub sounds really lovely! Must be such a pleasant boost in the morning, too. It's interesting to think about the "fringe hours" - I mean, I do have a fair amount of those in my day and yet I feel like I'm constantly on the go. I feel like I (and society in general) are not good at taking a break and trying to enjoy that time.

    1. Hi Natalie!

      The coffee scrub is amazing! It smells like an fresh cup of coffee and definitely help me wake up in the morning!

      I totally agree with you about society today having this idea that we constantly be on the go! I think it's so important to come back to earth and look over your schedule for a day and see what time you're actually benefitting from and what times of the day you could actually be doing something more productive (like having a nice pamper session)!


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