Mar 7, 2016


Social media is often perceived as an element of distraction; somewhere you can put aside your daily tasks and bask in the sweet bliss of stalking your ex on every platform for the next hour. I’ll admit, I do find myself using social media and the internet in general to distract myself and procrastinate on a multitude of things. 

Social media has quickly become a place where anonymous (sometimes not, which is even scarier) people feel free to share their blunt and most of the time rude and ignorant comments and opinions. We are so desensitized from the other human beings that are also on social media, either receiving or seeing those comments. We have grown this other skin made of metal that gives us confidence to say whatever we please since we can avoid the human contact that a conversation usually has. This topic is an entirely other subject but today we’re here to talk to you about something good.

We want to introduce you to The Sunflower Project, a movement created by Sara Laughed. This project is here to encourage positivity, balance, and self-care for college and university students. These three aspects are incredibly important to practice, especially as a student. Living a balanced, happy, life in college can be quite a task, since school can become overwhelming very quickly. The Sunflower Project is here to help you by giving you a platform where you can interact with other students and share your experiences and advice. The project will include blog posts, a Facebook group, and Instagram challenges!

You can start by joining the Facebook group which is called the Sunflower Circle. This is a supportive community you can join to pursue a healthier and happier lifestyle. On there you can join in on the regular themed discussion threads that encourage self-reflection and a positive mindset. Join the group and make friends in this community that will help you focus on keeping a healthy and happy lifestyle while you’re in school!

The Sunflower Project is hosting its very first Instagram challenge starting today! #GrowGratitude is a two-week challenge where you post a picture of something you’re grateful each day that is inspired by the daily word prompts given like favorite, colors, home, etc.

As you probably guessed, we are part of the Sunflower Circle and we would love for you to join so we could interact with you! We are also taking part in the Instagram challenge which you can do with us using this picture. Make sure to use the hashtags #SunflowerProject and #GrowGratitude while participating in the challenge so that others can find you! Also follow @SaraLaughed and give her some lovin’! 

Help us make a difference!

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  1. Hi girls, thanks so much for a lovely post! Have just joined the Sunflower community and am super excited to find out more! XXXX Rashina

    1. It's really great! Can't wait to see you in the community :)

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful post, friends! I am so excited to have you joining us!


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