Mar 14, 2016


Last summer, as some of you might now, I decided to stop eating meat. I considered myself a pescetarian, which means I would still eat eggs and fish. I wanted to take it slow and tackle this lifestyle change one step at a time because I really wanted to do it right and in a healthy manner.

 It took a lot of research and talking to people around me who are vegan/vegetarian. I'll be honest and say that it took a lot of trial and error. And this is what this post is about! I wanted to come here and let you know the challenges I've faced and how it's been for my mind and body, 6 months into my official meat-free diet. 


The biggest and most important thing in this category is the overall mindset that comes with the lifestyle. I'm a lot more aware of what's happening around me and I love that I have control over what I can do about it. One thing I'm thankful for is that I'm suffering less from headaches. Since I'm filling my body with good foods, my mind feels less sluggish, especially after a meal. I've been slowly going through my products and replacing them with organic, vegan, and cruelty-free products. Knowing that I'm using products that are free of unnecessary ingredients, that aren't harming any animals, reminds me that I don't need fancy products when I have products that come straight from the earth for me to use. Knowing that I'm actually making a difference in the world, while being healthier, is a major bonus!


What I noticed quickly is that I felt a lot more energized. It's safe to say that before this, my diet consisted of half a glass of water and a embarrassing amount of processed food and animal products, so I could only go up from there. I have a lot less problems with my digestion too, which I still think is a both blessing and a curse. One thing that I have been (and still am) struggling with, is figuring out how to get all the nutrients I need to actually be healthy. At first I didn't really know what foods to eat, I just took the meat out of my meals and kept eating the same things. Then I found some amazing vegetarian food bloggers and discovered that I love cooking and baking, which is something I hadn't really been into before. I love discovering new meals and recipes!! With this came along the learning of listening to my body, which is a very important thing. Seeing what I like and don't like. Or when I get really hungry and having a snack, and knowing when I get full.


Telling my family I was a vegetarian was no problem at all. They were mostly curious and supportive, which is great. They accommodate meals for me when we have family dinners and my mom always makes sure I have food when I go back home and I'm really thankful for their consideration. My mom has been learning along with me, which I think is so great and I really appreciate it. (Hi mom, love you!!)  It's also great to see this huge community online that are so nice and helpful. I learned everything on the internet and it's saved my life a million times when it came to looking up which companies are cruelty-free and vegan.  

What do you think of vegetarianism? Would you try it?

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  1. Yay! I'm vegetarian too! It's so exciting to see someone who shares the same diet/lifestyle :)

    Kathlyn |


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