Mar 9, 2016


I like to think of beginning of months as smaller new beginnings. Some people might not believe in such a thing because they think 'resolutions' shouldn't be made depending on a time or date. As someone who likes being prepared and organized, I believe in scheduling change. As long as I hold myself up to it. 

I find it a little easier to feel like I have control of my life while I'm in school, but it took a lot of ups and downs for me to finally get it right (kind of). At the end of each month I like to reflect on my attitude, things I've done, or haven't done, and see how I can improve. As some months are better than others, I think it's important to try to leave the previous months' trouble behind instead of dragging it to the next. Although I'm aware some things can't be immediately fixed, or sometimes they can't be fixed at all, that's where the improving comes in. While reflecting on my month of February, I jotted down a few things to remember for March and I thought I would share them with you. 

Stay Clean
This might be an obvious thing for some, but it took me 20 years to actually understand what a good  clean environment can do to your mind. If you're someone who's a little messy, try to discipline yourself this month! When you take something out, make sure to put it back once you're done. Do this with little things too. When you're doing homework, put your pencil back once you're done. Doing small things like that consistently will help you to do it unconsciously. Make sure to keep your most used items where you can easily grab them and put them away. This can be useful for desks and nightstands. (personally it's where I get the most clutter) Keeping yourself and your environment relatively tidy will do wonders to your mind! A clean and tidy space also helps with motivation! 

Face your problems
Take a moment to be real with yourself and identify the things that are stressing you out at the moment. It can be school, work, anything related to the future, maybe even all of the above. Write them down and have a moment with them. Try to see if there is anything you can do right now that could help the situation. If there isn't, focus on something that you can improve now, something that's a little more urgent or important. Pick your battles. Worrying about multiple things at once won't make everything better in the end. 

Take care of yourself
This will probably feel redundant since I always bring it up but it's so important to remember. It doesn't matter if you're in school or if you work. If you know you're under a great amount of stress and spreading yourself too thin, you're most likely not eating or sleeping properly. And it's time to do something about it.What could help is scheduling. Don't be afraid to work in a nap where you would usually be studying. It's better to regenerate and go back to your work with a clear mind than push through fatigue and grogginess and not give your 100%. The same goes with food. Make sure you're eating!! Bring along snacks if you know you'll be running around. You might not feel hungry but your body needs fuel to work efficiently throughout the day. 

Surround yourself with things you love
Do things that make you happy! Let yourself watch a few episodes of your favorite show, take yourself out to eat, take a night off to go hang out with your best friend. It's important to find a moment to put your hectic life aside to chill out. Do things that make you happy and that won't drain you. If your friend wants to hang out but you know they're someone who demands a lot of attention and you'd rather stay in and watch tv, do it. You should be picky about the people and vibes you surround yourself with. Don't be afraid to put yourself first, you're what matters most. 

Celebrate tiny victories
Give yourself some credit! Something I started doing this year is writing down at the end of the day a thing or two good things that happened or something I'm thankful for. Whenever I feel down I go through the list and it's incredible how quickly your forget the good things that happen. Be proud of your achievements! Give yourself the credit, no matter how small you think your achievement is! 

Do you have any goals or things you want to work on this month? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you guys! 

xx, Daphne

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