Feb 22, 2016


Hello!! We're so excited to share this post, especially me (Kristine!). Our anniversary falls on Valentine's Weekend which is so convenient and great, and this year I visited Daphne in good ol' Canada. Living in Miami we don't really get a lot snow here, so I was really excited to see it again. (Last year I visited her in February as well, but I got the flu and we stayed in all weekend so this year I was 100% ready.)

Daphne had Friday completely planned for us and we had the best time ever. Here are pictures from Valentine's weekend! We hope your weekend was as dreamy as ours :)

Goodbye Miami, hello Montreal! 

To start the weekend off, Daphne had taken me to Balnea Spa. It was so enchanting, and so so so nice I always think about it. Up in the mountains, you see an vast expanse of snow and trees and mountains in the distance from the jacuzzi! We really want to go back again, it was both relaxing and fun. And also breathtakingly beautiful. 

Couldn't believe that I was outside in a bathing suit and bath robe!! 
I still dream about this view tbh
After the Balnea Spa, we went back home to shower and get dressed and went to a Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant called Lola Rosa. Since we kinda ate after the spa we went to the restaurant not very hungry, but that definitely didn't stop us from eating something. We decided to order the nachos, and let me tell you, best Nachos I've ever had. They also have the best Sangria I've ever tasted.

This is us taking a break brushing the snow off the car to take a selife. 
This is me 100% enjoying the snow. 
The tables at the restaurant have little drawers to write notes in for the next customers.
While waiting for our food we would read our favorite ones to each other. 
So happy to call her mine!!! 

After our restaurant date, which was a complete success, we went Ice Skating. Now, in Miami we have an ice skating rink but I haven't been there for a good 10 years so my ice skating skills were a bit rusty. And to my surprise Daphne's ice skating skills were no better. It took us a good half hour to just go around once! We were laughing the entire way, I guess you can say it was the workout of our day. 

This is kind of when I realized that when it snows, the sky turns a pretty pink and yellow. 

This is me emphasizing how cold I was. 
The ice skating rink!
This was when we were about to get on the ice. #ScaredbutCute

It was such a beautiful night, and day in general. It's definitely going to be a day I'll never forget, I'll remember every detail. To this day I still thank Daphne for the beautiful weekend, we both had such a blast. If you haven't visited Montreal during the winter, I highly recommend it! 

Here's a random picture of Kitty Kardashian. I love playing "Hide and Seek" with her. 
Daphne's puppy reminds me so much of mine, they're literally twins. So cute! 

On Monday, was our anniversary and instead of staying in we decided to go to Mount Royal. You just drive up and you're able to see the entire city. Once again, Canada providing breathtaking views. But Monday was one of the coldest days of the weekend, so we were there for about 5 minutes and took lots of selfies and tried not to slip. 

"Quick! Put a 'it's so cold!!' face"
The amount of layers I have LOL I look like a giant green marshmallow. 
Icicles on mountains!!!  

That night we also went to P.F. Changs. One of my favorite restaurants, and Daphne has never been so it was a great choice. She absolutely loved it but here's me being a dweeb:

The water was absolutely delicious. 

And after that we just went home, opened up a bottle of wine, watched Shadowhunters, and started taking lots of pictures on my Photo Booth. Prepare for some laughs! 

Quick!! Harry Styles!!

LOL that last picture always makes me laugh so hard. I know this is kind of a long post but we really wanted to have all the pictures in one place and also share them with you. I had such a lovely weekend. I will never ever stop thanking Daphne for the weekend she planned. I also found out that I'm like Lorelai Gilmore, I absolutely love the snow and it brings me so much joy. I can't wait to one day live in a city where it snows, even for just a few days. 

Thank you Canada for being so beautiful, and thank you beb for also being so beautiful and lovely and planning this whole trip! I love you! 

Which one of the photo booth pictures is your favorite?

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