Feb 29, 2016


After being in school for a few years now, we both finally figured out how to write some pretty great essays. It's not something we learned overnight, it took some trial and error unfortunately. But we finally got a great handle on it and it's not as stressful as it used to be in our first year of College, hallelujah! We've bundled up some great essay resources that we use, and some that we even found just for this post to share with you. We know essays can be tough and time consuming, but with great resources and tips it doesn't have to be! So take out your notepad and let us share our secrets with you :) 

Planning & Structuring Your Essay - University of Reading
Pretty self-explanatory, this website just helps you plan and structure your essay. Such as answering the question, generating ideas, planning your essay, and the different methods of planning. They even share some videos! Really wish we had this about two years ago, but alas, we're sharing it with you! 

Your School Library - Here's Mine
You guys really won't be able to use it, unless you go to FIU, but check out your school library's website. Many professors ask for references, sometimes they state a specific number that doesn't include the course textbook. When this happens, I go to my library website and search for the topic under articles and literary journals and trusted sources pop up! So check out your school website :) 

More References - Wikipedia.org 
I know you're all probably gasping at this one but trust me it comes in handy. I once had a professor say that Wikipedia is a great place to start to look for references and the whole class got quiet. Wikipedia has so much information on there and usually when looking for a certain topic, Wikipedia is the first link that pops up. Instead of referencing the website, look at the sources the article has because those are usually pretty trustworthy!

Even More References - Google Scholar 
I've only recently found out about this one, it's basically the same as the school library one. It has great resources and articles that can help you out in your essay! It even helps you with the citation which is absolutely great! 

Flawless Citations - Citethisforme.com
This website helps you write your bibliography and what's great about it is that it checks the references to make sure you wont be wrongly accused of plagiarism. You wont ever lose marks for incorrect referencing.

Online Editor - Hemingwayapp.com
This website is my ultimate holy grail.You can use this tool to write your essay or simply copy and paste as you go. It will detect the use of the passive voice, simpler alternatives to words and sentences that are too hard to read.

Formatting Your Essay - Purdue OWL | MLA | APA 
This website has helped the both of us out tremendously ! It's easy to forget formatting styles, especially the citations. Purdue OWL helps out with formatting, from the cover page, to the header, the works cited page, and in-text citations. They even give an example paper and explain everything in detail. I recently had to do an APA paper, and I hadn't done one in years, so when I was writing my essay, Purdue Owl was always opened. 

I know Tumblr is known for the aesthetic and fandom side of it, but it has a great studying community called Studyblr, and everyone is always sharing tips. This masterpost, a post with lots of links, for those who don't know, I always go back to. It covers general tips, planning, different types of essays, and editing it. You should definitely check it out, and check out the Studyblr community when you can! 

You guys should definitely check this out! Just simple transition words to help you out during your essay, instead of always writing firstly, secondly, and lastly. I tend to be repetitive in my essay, and when I reread my essay I cringe and have to change or add transition words. 

Your School! 
I'm pretty sure all schools have this, but I'm not sure, my school has a writing center that helps with essays, research papers, group projects, and even resumes! They assist you in brainstorming, planning, revising, or even polishing up your paper. It's such a great resource and really does help out, this was required of me to do my first year and I've been back a few times and it's been so helpful! Check out to see if your school has a writing center and don't be afraid to make an appointment, it's 100% worth it. 

Annnnd that's it for now, there so many resources on the internet and we've used about 9 out of 10 of these resources and we promise you it really does help. We hope your essay writing is going great and we would love to hear if you have any more resources to recommend. We're all about sharing our secrets to succeed in school, and can't wait to hear yours! 

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