Feb 13, 2016


If you haven't heard about Galentine's day then you're missing out. Galentine's day is a day to celebrate your lady friends the day before Valentine's day. Considering today is that day, I wanted to share this post with you. This is going to be pretty lengthy guys, so get comfy and enjoy!

The picture above? That's me and Solange, and we've been best friends for 18 years now. 18 years without one argument. When we tell people that we've never had an argument before they always act surprised. We've even had people ask us how we've been able to be friends for so long. Today we're going to talk about our silly friendship and how we've kept the lo0o0ove alive.

Let's start at the beginning. Solange and I lived in the same neighborhood, and I will never ever forget the day I met her. See, her sister and my sister are a few months apart. I remember my mom was putting my sister in the car, who at the time was around 7 months old, and across the street was Solange's very pregnant mom with Solange beside her. In typical mom style, my mom told me to go over and say hi. This is when I said "Mammmmmi, no." But we just waved and I left and I don't know but we somehow became best friends. From there we were always at each other's house, we got our first playstations together, switch up our costumes on halloween, and I even made my dad carry her to my house when there was a flood and the water was too high for us to walk. Not to mention when we started school, we had the same teacher 4 years in a row. These are some childhood memories:

Then, after a few years my parents started looking into homes and we moved. And we moved pretty far, Solange and I cried for the longest and promised to stay in touch. But Google wasn't even a thing yet, and neither was Facebook, Myspace, or any social media. We didn't even have cell phones. So we went from seeing each other every day, to seeing each other only during the holidays.

But a few years later, we got cell phones, and social media became a thing, and me and Solange spoke to each other like no time has passed whatsoever. We went to different schools but that was okay, because during high school we'd hang out almost every weekend and then I got my car and I'd always see her. We went to each other's high school graduations, and then I went to University and it was a 5 minute drive to her house, so at that point her house was practically mine. And now she's moved and we live 10 minutes away, it's great to have your best friend right across the street from you.

You see, Solange and I, we're soul mates. Platonic soul mates, star crossed sister witches. We're complete opposites, but we're both the biggest dweebs with the best sense of humor that you'll ever meet. I absolutely love Solange, we always talk about how in our past lives we were definitely sisters, and in every life we always have each other in our lives. So how do we keep our love alive? We'll let you know with these few steps:

Don't disrespect each other! This comes as common sense, but Solange and I never call each other any names. We don't call each other any //bad// words, especially not the B word. If she doesn't like something I like, she doesn't dismiss it. Which brings us to the next point.

Allow them to talk! We allow each other to fangirl about anything, whether we have a mutual love for it or not. Solange loves video games, and I don't play them, but I go over and watch her play and we just laugh and talk. Learn to at least like the things they do, it's definitely worth it because you won't get annoyed.

Be there! You don't have to be there physically when they need you, but at least answer their text message when you see that they need you. Because you know that when you need them, they'll 100% be there. I've definitely showed up at Solange's house crying, and she just sat down and let me be.

Be understanding! You need to learn their type of argument style, and how they are out in crowds, don't pressure them. There's times where Solange wants to go somewhere, but I'm not 100% feeling it and she gets it. There's times where I want to go somewhere and she'll tell me she's not feeling it either. And that's okay, know their limits. I don't whine when Solange doesn't want to go somewhere or call her a party pooper, I just say okay and will probably ask her one more time if she's sure and then drop it. Please don't pressure your friends into going to social events, or any event, it's not nice of you and the friend you're pressuring will definitely be annoyed by you and start disliking you.

Find a mutual love! Luckily Solange and I have lots of mutual loves, but our number one love is reading. We look for bookstores to go to, we go to the book fair, we're even reading The Martian together right now. It's something we love and it's something that brought us really close. (Thank you Twilight!!!) Look for the thing that you both love and look for events surrounding it. You guys love wine? Go to a wine festival! You love baking? Take some baking classes or look for baking recipes and bake them together and maybe even make a baking blog! Look for that mutual love and make it grow :)

I can honestly make this list go on forever. Solange, I love you, thank you for being the bestest friend anyone can ask for. Thank you for being there when I was going through the worst stage of my life, and thank you for being there when I was doing my best.

Happy Galentines day to all you ladies! We love you and hope you have that #1 best friend in your life, and if you don't it's okay, you're platonic soul mate is out there waiting for you!

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