Feb 26, 2016



"Art is the most intense form of individualism 
the world has known."
-Oscar Wilde

There are a lot of things I love about the internet. There are so many resources at our fingertips and a never-ending list of things to learn. One thing I love most is looking for artists. Looking for those who put out some great art into the world, and may not get the recognition they deserve. At least, not yet. The internet showed me that there is an  incredible amount of people who are ridiculously talented out there.

We have a Tumblr dedicated to publishing people's journaling and art, JournalBabes, and I asked our followers to recommend me artists that they think have some great potential.  I discovered some great artists thanks to those who sent in messages and I decided to round up my 8 current favourite artists this month in hopes that you enjoy their art as much as I do! 


She's 22 years old and from London. Her art is hilarious and relatable. She shares her art on her blog rubyect.tumblr.com and also has a Society 6 shop where you can buy her art on mugs, pillowcases, rugs, phone cases and an abundance of other things -check it out here-  

The Sad Ghost Club

Ran by Laura and Lize, The Sad Ghost Club focuses on heavier stuff. The comics are for those who may need something to let them know they're not alone. They also sell zines, art prints, shirts, bags and other goodies that you can go check out here



Martyna is a freelance artist with an original caricatural style that is both interesting and enrapturing. Her blog is where you can find most of her art, where she puts to paper her thoughts, ideas and memories. She just recently created a short film Yesterday which you can watch here


Melissa is an artist i wish i could see more of. Her friend lilboyjew introduced me to her art and I wish i had more than a few pieces of art to admire. She creates zines that I wish i could purchase because who doesn't love a good zine right? Go on her blog and message her to make more!!!! 


Svetlana is a 17 year old girl from Russia and she is one of my absolute favourite artists out on the web. Her journaling and art pieces are absolutely beautiful and never fail to leave me speechless each time. She's currently selling some of her art is Russia so if you're there, check it out here! You can also have a look at her Instagram, where you can see more of her and her art! @svetunyamoth


Chanel is an artist from Texas and her art is colourful and beautiful. Her art is published on her blog which you can check out here. Her art is super cute and relatable. Her representation of women is a breath of fresh air and inspiring. She sells art prints and her zine on Etsy and you can have a look here! You can also follow her on Instagram to see more of her art and behind the scene pictures of how her art comes to be! @seachanels


Katie is 17 year old and from England. She draws and paints and I love how you can tell how she speaks through her art. A little more on the darker side, her art speaks of deeper subjects but is absolutely beautiful. Find her work here. 


Ree is also one of my favourites. Her art is clean and lively. My favourite part of her art is how it empowers every women. Her art is incredible and is definitely worth checking out and encouraging! You can see her art on her blog here.  You can also go follow her on Instagram @rvsalochka and you can support her by buying her art on her shop here!! (though it's currently under construction) She also recently posted a tour of her sketchbook which is very interesting and you can check it out here!

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