Jan 14, 2016


I used to be someone that would easily be discouraged when faced with challenging situations. I would sit around and complain to everyone how my life sucked and how it wasn't fair. I used to keep a strong hold on things that would upset me, and constantly remind myself of them as a way of making myself feel worse, I suppose. 

As the years went on I realized that I needed to learn to let go of things I could not control and that is something that helped me tremendously. I quickly put some of my top tips on how to have more control over your life in hopes that it might help out one of you guys.

1. Give yourself a reality check.
Take the time to be in a quiet setting to think over the situation that is taking over what feels like your life. Something didn't go according to plan? Think about ways that the situation could turn out the way you originally wanted it to. When you're too busy focusing on how everything went wrong and how everything will end wrong, you're potentially letting a solution pass you by.

2. Take a peak at the bright side.
It might not solve all your problems, but it will surely put your mind into perspective. While you're thinking about how everything is going wrong, try to remind yourself of things that are going right in your life. I might fail my class this semester but I actually did the best that I could. 

3. Remove yourself from situations/people that aren't helping you grow
Find the source of your problem. Do you hate your major? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend making you question and doubt yourself? Are your friends pressuring you to have a social life? These are all things that you can control. Remind yourself that you can decide to remove yourself from a situation or end a relationship that is causing you to be consistently anxious and/or upset.

4. Pick your battles. 
I was once told that it isn't worth it to worry about things that I cannot control. For example worrying about failing an exam once it is done. There is nothing you can humanly do to change the situation. It sounds easier said than done but learn to trust that life will give you situations that are crucial to your existence. Try to let go of little things so that you can put all your energy towards situations that actually need to be worked out.

5. Surround yourself with people who wont let you complain.
Complaining 23 hours a day will only worsen your situation. Tell your family members and friends to change the subject or to tell you to talk about something else whenever you start complaining. (This is similar to the -spraying water on the cat until it stops clawing at the couch- technique) It's also important to surround yourself with people who are positive and optimistic. That way your spirits will be lifted and you will constantly be in a relatively good mood.

Let me know in the comments what you do to stay positive when everything starts to suck.

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  1. It's definitely hard to stay positive sometimes, but I love the tips that you gave!!

    xx shirley

  2. Thank you Shirley! We're glad you enjoyed! xx


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