Jan 7, 2016


Hey guys! We're back on a normal schedule now that the holidays are over.  For the holidays, I visited Kristine and we decided to go to the Ancient Spanish Monastery. The church was originally built in Segovia, Spain in the 12th century but was bought and rebuilt in North Miami Beach in the 1960's. 

It was absolutely breathtaking. Walking in the Church gave off a certain vibe, you can definitely feel the history. When you stepped out of the church and out into the garden you could feel the difference in the air. And there were so many cats laying around everywhere, one of the them even led us to a a fairy garden a little further in the small "forest" surrounding the monastery. ("Forest" because it wasn't really a forest, but just a whole bunch of trees and landscape a bit away from everything else!) Cheap and filled with history, it's the perfect activity for a lazy day.  

I took a few lot of pictures and thought I would share it with you! 

Although it was a bit of a drive, it was definitely worth it. Not to mention how beautiful the day was, the weather was so nice and absolutely perfect. Kristine never really knew about it until recently, and she's always lived in Miami. It's always great to find little discoveries in your town.

What are some spots you love to visit in your town? Let us know in the comments! And also about what you think of the Monastery.

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  1. Looks like an absolutely amazing trip!! Your photos are beautiful!


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