Jan 29, 2016


As a student it's easy to feel overwhelmed, we've definitely been there. Having 3-4 professors that expect you to read 2 chapters each with 2 essays in total, all in one week. Which, let's be real, feels impossible when you have a part-time job and a social life. Luckily there's smart phones that, contrary to popular belief, can actually help you with your studying and improve your quality of life. We've made a list of both apps that we currently use and apps that we're dying to test out! All of the apps are free, which makes the whole situation a little more enjoyable.

Spotify is an app that streams music. You can get it for free, though your streaming will be interrupted with ads. This is a great way to have all kinds of music at the touch of your fingertips. They also have playlists to fit your every mood, including studying! 

2. Blackboard
Pretty self explanatory. If your school doesn't use Blackboard, you should look to see if whatever web server they use to put up power points and grades. This is great for keeping up with your assignments, looking up grades and keeping in touch with your professors. 

3. Focus Now
A perfect way to make sure you're actually being productive. You set in a time lapse in which the app does the countdown while it plants tomatoes. The longer you spend time studying, the more tomatoes you get. If you use your phone for something else while your countdown is still going, you lose your tomatoes! There is an other version of it called Forest, but it's $1.29. The app for your computer is free though which is great!
Android | IOS

4. Pages
If you're a Mac user that uses Pages, this is an app that would be convenient to have on your phone. You can synch your documents from your laptop to your phone and always have them on the go!

5. One Note
This is a very similar app to Pages, though it is available for IOS and Android. You can create notebooks and share them with your classmates/coworkers/friends. This is the one that we use the most, you're able to have different notebooks and within those notebooks you have pages. We use the notebooks for a specific class, like Public Speaking, and the pages for chapters, class notes, in this case speech outlines. It's really great and it's free! And you're able to sync it from your computer to your phone, so you always have your notes with you.
Android | IOS

6. Mindly
Simply put it's a mind mapping tool. We loved it for jotting blog ideas down, it's great if you're a very visual learner. It's great for planning a speech, brainstorming, even essay ideas! And you're able to choose different color palettes.
Android | IOS 

7. Duolingo
A lot of people already know about this app, but we still had to share it. Duolingo is an app where you can learn languages, it makes you take a test in the beginning to see where you stand and then after that you'll just have to practice. We love using this one, especially when we're bored waiting for class to start. They also have a website where you can help translate certain articles! And the great part is, it's free.
Android | IOS

8. Planner Plus
Pretty self-explanatory, but we wanted to put a planner app because not everyone likes actual planners and would rather write their assignments and important dates on their phone/tablet. Like a planner, it has month, week, and a daily view; you can also write down events, tasks, and notes!
Android | IOS

9. Quizlet
If you learn and study with flash cards, then this is the app for you! You're able to make your own set set of flash cards but also choose from the ones created. You can even share with classmates if you'd like. This one has come pretty handy when it comes to test days!
Android | IOS

10. SAM
SAM stands Self-Help Anxiety Management. We both have this one because mental health is just as important as physical health. And with the stress of school it can start getting a bit tough. It offers self-help methods, and it asks you how your anxiety is at the moment. Great app which you should definitely check out!
Android | IOS

Those were apps for the phone but we also wanted to include some that you can use for your computer as well! We find these useful, and hopefully you will too!

1. Momentum
This is an extension to the web browser that you use. We use Google Chrome and put this extension in the second we heard about it. Whenever you open a new tab, it's what you'll see. It shows a beautiful landscape picture, greets you, you're able to put your main focus of the day, and it has a little section for your to do list.
This is what it looks like ! 
2. Caffeine
This is an app that you download for your computer, it makes sure that your computer doesn't go to sleep which is great when you're reading a textbook online, studying, or even watching Netflix.

3. Self Control
This is one of our favorites, but it's only available for Mac OS X. This has actually been really useful for us, especially since we have online classes and some of our professors use online textbooks. It lets you block your own access to certain websites, because watching videos on Youtube can be really tempting when you're doing schoolwork online. You're also able to put a set amount of time and until the timer expires, you won't be able to use those websites, even if you delete the application or restart your computer.
OS X | Google Chrome Alternative

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  1. This is a fantastic post! I wasn't aware there was a download that kept your computer from going to sleep, I'll definitely have to check it out!

    1. Thanks Anna :) We weren't aware of it either until we started doing research for this post, and everyone loves it! So we definitely can't wait to try it out ourselves

  2. I don't know most of this! I'll have to download them right now! Self-control is the best thing ever! If only there was a similar one for my phone...

    Be | lovefrombe

    1. I love self-control becuase it keeps me from opening new tabs for social media, the closest thing I've found for the phone that works for me is the Focus Now app. While your tree is going you can't log out of the app or your tree will die :( So I end up studying for those 25 minutes and once the timer goes off I take a 5 minute break and go back to planting another tree :D It really is useful and one of my favorites !


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