Dec 10, 2015


I'm not sure about you guys, but I absolutely love going through my friends desks, I feel like you can really tell a lot about what a person has in their desk and how they have it organized. I, of course, don't just start snooping around without their permission. 

The desk I have now is a desk I've been wanting for a very long time. I had seen it on Pinterest one day and the rest of it is history. The desk is from Ikea, and the glass top my dad had given to me since he works with glass and all that jazz. I got this desk recently so as of right now, it's very neat and organized and I really hope to keep it that way. 

I like to have it below my window, nothing is better than natural lighting. And the one time I had it somewhere else, I changed it within a week. I like to keep the top clean with just the bare necessities, all my pens, color pencils, and paint brushes. And some knick knacks here and there of course. It's December and I have yet to put away my halloween decorations, but they are never going to be put away no matter what time of year.

Here are some of the things that are on top of my desk:

I have this Ikea drawer unit which was a pretty penny but I absolutely love it. My first drawer is filled with stuff I'm usually needing. I have my film journal, my regular journal, a pencil case with pens, some usb's, and the pink pencil case I got at Chapters is filled with different types of Post-it notes.

I like to call my second drawer the journal drawer, I have all my markers, paint, color pencils, ink, and stamps here. Needless to say it's a drawer I'm constantly opening.

My third drawer is the crafts drawer. Some of this stuff I recently bought to make the DIY ornaments last week, so I have the letter stickers, ribbons, glitter, and pipe cleaners. But I also have stickers and some paper from A Beautiful Mess. And of course, my paper cutter that I've had since middle school.

The fourth drawer. Well, I guess we can call this one the film drawer. I have my film camera, and my digital camera in here. Daphne also left her film camera in here.  I have some film ready to be popped in whenever we need to. I also have my external hard drive that I got for my birthday one year and some poster paint that I needed for a project last semester.

And finally the last drawer. This drawer is dedicated to past journals, and empty notebooks ready to be used. It also has a coloring book that I absolutely love. I also have some Happy Mail in there ready to be sent, but also ready to put up on my wall as art prints. It's basically everything and nothing.

And finally, all the way back to the top. My bullet journal that is always on my desk ready to be written on. is currently not selling this exact journal but they have this one ! But I've been using this notebook to find my bullet journal style and I absolutely love it. Here's a peek into last week :) 

Hope you enjoyed snooping into my desk and all my knick knacks. What's on your desk? And am I the only one that loves going through peoples desk?

| Kristine |

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  1. I love seeing into other's work spaces too, yours is so cute! I also love your journal- it's so cute and organized :)

    1. Thank you so much! I just recently started bullet journaling and i love it!

  2. Very neat and organised!
    My desk at home is just as ordered as this but my desk at work is a whole other story!

    KT xo.

    1. Thanks Kirsty! And desks at work is always another story and there's nothing wrong with that either! :)

  3. Ugh, I love it, it's so organised and beautiful, i wish mine stayed looking like that. Is it easy to keep it this neat?

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