Dec 16, 2015


"Let the distance keep us together."

If you've been following our blog for a while then you probably know that we're in a relationship, and not any kind of relationship, a long distance one. And if you didn't know, well, you check out the post we made it about it. We really wanted to do another post about our relationship for a while and couldn't really think of one, so we decided to do ldr date ideas. We love Skype, but sometimes you just want a date night and that gets kind of difficult when you have so many miles inbetween. These are 5 dates that we have gone on and still do and we absolutely love them:

01. Movie night - Ahhhh, one of our favorites. We absolutely love Netflix and we always set up movie nights, and sometimes show nights. We both open up Netflix to the show, or movie, we want to watch and do a little countdown to start at the same time. Sometimes it goes like this, "Okay, 1, 2, 3, GO" "No wait wait wait, it didn't play, go back!!!!" and then we laugh for 5 minutes. This is definitely one of our faves.

02. Journaling - This is something we do as a part of our multitasking dates. We will put on a movie, or a tv show we're currently binge watching, and journal together. And we'll show each other what we've created at the end of the night, or even during and ask each other for advice. This can be personalized if you're not the artsy fartsy type.

03. Pamper sessions - Once in a we'll chat while we will pop on face masks and do our nails. This is something we'd normally do together so we like to keep our habits alive while we're away from each other. Nothing is better than pampering yourself, remember to treat. yo. self.

04. Game Apps - We're both really competitive, and sore losers, and we can (and have) spend an entire night on Skype playing interactive games on our phones. Apps like Words With Friends (Apple) (Android), Trivia Crack (Apple) (Android)and we also love practicing our French and Spanish skills by using Duolingo (Apple) (Android)

05. Buzzfeed Quizzes - Surprisingly entertaining since their quizzes are actually interesting and LOL funny! We love doing them at the same time and sharing our answers to see what the other chose. This is a great way to get to know someone if you're in a new LDR, or just in a regular relationship tbh. Nothing like breaking the ice by finding out which Ryan Gosling character is your soulmate. You can find some of our favorite quizzes here, here and here.

The important thing to remember about long distance relationships, is that it's an actual relationship. If you know someone that's in a long distance relationship keep that in mind. So when your friend or family member tells you they have a Skype date, it means they already have plans. And please don't be offended by it, remember that you're lucky enough to see them everyday in person and not in a computer screen! We know that ldr can be a bit difficult to understand but please remember it's an actual relationship, even with a million miles between the pair.

All of these date ideas are our absolute fave, and something we're doing often. But we also don't midn just calling each other on skype and talking while we're doing other things. If you're in a long distance relationship do you have any other date ideas? :)

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