Dec 12, 2015



We all know that Christmas is not about the presents, but it does make it a little more great right? We love gifting just as much (if not more) than receiving and we believe that the key to the perfect gift is to do it yourself! 

What's great with DIY projects is that you can tweak them to fit into whatever your budget is! We put together some relatively easy, and most importantly cheap, last minute gift ideas that would most likely cost you no more than 10$!  


This is honestly your safest bet if you don't want to spend much money and still manage to give a great gift. You could get away with doing a DIY mug for under $5. We love the one pictured above that is made with nail polish -you can find it here-. If this sounds like a little bit of a hassle, we have an even easier alternative: sharpie mugs! Here is a great tutorial for them! For a more intricate mug, you can check out this tutorial for the mug pictured above by for a dishwasher safe mug. 

This can be a great gift for someone who loves food or loves to bake! This hot chocolate mix is quick and easy -and you can find it here- but you can also make brownie mix, cookie mix or even pancake mix in a jar! 

Following along with our food related gifts, you can never go wrong with baked treats! There are so many quick and easy recipes out there you can do and simply put together in a nice box or bag. We have been loving this pretzel bites recipe and we think it would make a wonderful gift for someone who has a sweet tooth. 


For those who have a little more time on their hands, this can definitely be an interesting gifting-route to take. We've always been curious to try making our own body scrub and soap but have never came around to actually try making them. This could be a great opportunity! We absolutely love this bath bomb recipe and think it would be a great gift for someone who loves to pamper themselves!

This is one of our personal favourites because it is so incredibly easy and cheap. All you need to do is find a quote/picture that suits the person, print it out and pop it in a frame! You can find cheap frames anywhere and can even thrift them if you would like! The one pictured above is a little more complex but definitely worth it because it looks beautiful! -you can find the tutorial here- 

If you would rather pop in a store and buy something that's ready to go, you can check out our Secret Santa Gifts Under $25!

Let us know which DIY you would want to try out!!

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