Dec 14, 2015


Nothing says holidays like your home smelling like baked goods. We really wanted to make cupcakes from scratch because it's something we rarely ever do. But trust us when we say, boxed cupcakes are just as good. Now enough babbling and let's get to the recipes shall we?

Vanilla Cupcakes
We got the recipe off of Pinterest which you can find here. The recipe was easy to follow and didn't take us 3 hours to make. For the frosting we got the Betty Crocker Buttercream icing and we decided to add some caramel in to the pipping bag to get a perfect caramel/frosting swirl which relatively worked! If you don't have piping bags, it's okay. You can definitely use Ziploc bags, whether you have a piping tip or not. Here's an example on how to do it. 

Chocolate Cupcakes
We also got this recipe on Pinterest and it was pretty similar to the vanilla cupcake recipe. But it was also our favorite out of the two. You can find the recipe here. It was a little more work than your average quick n' easy cupcake but definitely do-able on a time crunch. We didn't do anything fancy with the icing. We simply got some Betty Crocker Whipped Vanilla icing and topped it with some crushed candy canes to give it a subtle minty taste. And a subtle christmas look too.  

We love to bake during the holidays because it makes it feel that much more festive and it's a great family and friend activity. And if you want to have a little christmas themed party, you can make some DIY ornaments and bake these delicious cupcakes as well. Or have the cupcakes ready for the small celebration. 

Have you purchased your holiday gifts yet? If you haven't check out our Secret Santa gifts under $25! We also have a post about cheap DIY gifts you can make here!

Let us know what your favorite things to bake are during the holidays, are you cupcake person or more a cookie person? 

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