Dec 7, 2015


Decorating the tree is most likely your favourite holiday tradition if you celebrate Christmas. We were trying to come up with cute DIY's we could share with you that would be practical and could also double as a cute personalized gift for a loved one. We decorated our baubles, ornaments for our fellow Americans, 4 different ways (we are sooooo obsessed with them) and there are endless ways to do it! We hope to inspire you and get your creative juices going! 

We opted for glass baubles for our DIY but if you're working with children or simply want to make sure to have them for more than one christmas, plastic baubles are the way to go. We purchased all of our supplies at Hobby Lobby. They have a great sale happening through the 12th of December where Christmas supplies, Christmas decorations, and even Christmas trees are 50% off. This is great for some last minute shopping or simply to save money!! 

Golden sparkle
For this one we only needed an ornament, glitter, and letter stickers. We poured glitter in the ornament and we put stickers on it. We decided to put the year on it, but you can spell out a name, or a holiday saying!

Peppermint Kisses
This one was fairly simple to do, though it took us a few tries to get it the way we wanted.We used a pipe cleaner and folded it in the shape of a heart, we bought them white and red but you can also just buy the two colors separately and twist them together to get the candy cane effect. We then used fishing line to tie them to the top of the ornament. 

Let it Snow
This one was by far the cheapest and easiest one we did. All we needed was a fake snow/snowflake mix and an ornament! Basically all we did is put the snow and the snowflakes in the bauble and write a cute little saying on a piece of paper we cut out and tied it around its hook. 

"Oh no, Olaf!"
This one is our absolute favourite. We used salt for the snow, toothpicks for the arms, cut a little piece of toothpick for the nose and wiggle eyes. We poured in the salt and carefully dropped in the other parts of the snowman and that was it!

And that's basically it! We absolutely loved doing this and would love to see your ideas, post it on Instagram and tag us. Our Instagram is EloquatedSecrets. Keep an eye out for more holiday and DIY posts. Happy holidays :)

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  1. I love these! I did DIY Christmas ornaments for my friends last year by decorating on ceramic ornaments but growing up I used to always make them with clear ornaments so this is a super cute (and mature) update.

    1. They were honestly so much fun to do! And after our family saw them they asked us to buy some more so we can all do it together. But thank you!!!


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