Nov 11, 2015


"Let no one discourage your ambitious attitude. 
You don't need a fan club to achieve your goals. 
Be your own motivation."
- unknown

If you’re on any social media platform then you’ve heard of #goals, and have probably used the term yourself (we know we have). What we started noticing though, is that people were using it in a self-deprecating way. With social media, we start to live vicariously though other people. Goals, simply defined, is something that you are trying to do or achieve. But when people are saying it, they’re saying it in a way that it’s filled with some sort of self-doubt. They say it, and they find it unattainable. We’ve seen people using #goals as comments about relationships, houses, a body type, and even a person themselves. And it’s not really a way we should be living life. 

It’s okay if you’re saying #goals to things you’re working towards achieving. But please remember when it comes to social media personalities and celebrities, you’re seeing what they want you to see. When it comes to Youtube videos and vlogs, you’re only seeing 10-20 minutes of their entire day, and sometimes even week. Take a look at people’s comments when you’re done watching a video, people are saying “omg you guys are goals,” “you are goals!!!!,” “GOALS!!”  Then there’s Instagram, you see the comments everywhere. From celebrities to social media personalities to bloggers. But Instagram are just set up pictures, people put effort into making it look good. Everything is placed a certain way, the lighting, and the editing. A lot of effort goes into it, and we know it. How can a person be goals if you’re just seeing pictures of their life? The reality is that the things people are yelling goals to is something that they find unattainable and unachievable, but that just completely diminishes what goals are actually about.  

Step back and look at your life, and look at the life you say is goals. You can definitely achieve anything you set your mind to. If you think traveling the world is goals, then look into it. Look at the costs, ask people how it is they’re able to travel so much and not have a 9-5 job. If you think someones editing style is goals, then ask what they use to edit with. Editing can be a bit difficult, but the internet is your friend and you can get all the answers you need. Be yourself !! A person isn’t goals, you don’t want to be like someone else. You don’t want someones relationship, you want your own. No relationship is the same. 

While writing this piece, we found that Elle made a post very similar to it which you find here ! 

We think it’s a great discussion to have so please let us know what you think in the comments ! Join the discussion !! Don’t be afraid to comment ! Achieve your goals :) 


  1. I love this! You are so right. I always catch myself commenting "goals", and I need to start realizing when it is appropriate and when it isn't. I love the little notebook you have in the picture too! "Do what you love" is a great quote to live by.

    Just Gigi Fashion

    1. We always found ourselves saying it, and we're still guilty about saying it, but we don't say it as much as we used to. It's like you said, it's realizing when it's appropriate and when it isn't ! And "Do what you love" is definitely a great quote to live by :)

  2. This is such an important topic! It all comes down to a matter of perspective. :)


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