Nov 23, 2015

Let's Talk | Memory Lane

Whatever you’re going through, whether good or bad, is for a purpose. You aren’t necessarily supposed to know why. It’s hard to forget about the past, I know that very well. Once we come to peace with our memories, our wings will open wider than ever and soar to places we can’t see right now. They will be beautiful. Memories can either hurt so good, but can be more painful than physical pain. Memories can be a photo of a loved one you lost, a friend you no longer see, or a certain day you want to relive. The memory can be a thought or a dream. It can be a building where you and your dad used to go to together, or even a smell. If it enters your heart, let yourself feel it. You may close your eyes and feel like you’re in that moment again. The emotions may swarm your heart bringing a smile or tear. Your chest tightens restricting your breath. You need to feel to heal. Memories are a blessing and a curse. Some moments we don’t want to remember. Both are important to move on. I hope I can find peace with my past VERY soon. I’m trying so hard to move on, but it’s easier said than done. Walk to where your trust has no boarders. You’ll understand why at the perfect time. Trust.

Jacqueline was a gifted athlete with a 4.0 grade point average intending to play Division I volleyball. After a series of knee surgeries and a brain injury following anesthesia she was forced to drop out of high school. She chose not to let circumstances define her, so is on a mission to inspire people to find their "verse".  She redefined the word as a purpose, passion and path,  an absolute fulfiller of life.

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