Nov 30, 2015

Going Cruelty Free

This summer was a time where we started educating ourselves more on animal cruelty, plant-based diets, and cruelty-free products. We realized although we were against testing on animals, we would do nothing to stop it. And as of right now, the only way to do so, is by not accepting what they're doing, by not purchasing their products. The whole situation seemed scary and complex at first, and we didn't know where to find legitimate information. This is where we stumbled upon the Cruelty Free Kitty. She mostly covers everything beauty, from makeup to skincare. This is where we realized that there was a lot to learn, but we were ready to start. This is where we started to become more conscious of the products we purchased and consumed. Despite our urge to throw out the entirety of our makeup bags and raid Sephora to arm ourselves of vegan, cruelty free products, our wallets were hostile. During our research of the subject we came across a few bumps on the road that made us realize that it wouldn't be easy but it's definitely doable and we wanted to share with you some points, what we've learned,  and our overall experience. 

  • It's not easy, when we got into cruelty-free makeup we didn't think it'd be this hard. Especially since our makeup staples were brands that did test on animals, and we were really disappointed. We decided not to throw out all of our makeup, instead whenever we ran out of a product we would go looking for a product that was cruelty free.
  • It's a big lifestyle change, especially since we decided to go cruelty free, not only on beauty products but also on other products (like cleaning products.) But because we started becoming more informed about it, we started realizing that it was becoming a bit hypocritical when we would change this part of our life but not start looking into vegetarian/vegan diet.
  • We need to be cautious, companies have a tendency of looking for loopholes. China makes it mandatory for companies to test on animals so sometimes companies will say that they don't test on animals unless they need to because of the law. There's also companies that don't test on animals at all, but their parent company does. It's really up to you if you want to buy those products or not.
  • We have lists and pictures on our phones so when we go to a beauty store, like Sephora and Ulta, we know what's cruelty free and what's not. We even have drug store brand lists, so when we go to CVS we know exactly what to get and what not to get. Pinterest is a great place to go to look for products that aren't tested on animals, here are some of the ones we saved:

A lot of people think that just because they're one person they won't make a difference but that's not true at all. Just think about the amount of products you buy from companies that test on animals, and think about how much they'd lose when you stop buying. We found it easier to do this together, because when we tried doing it alone we would tend to stop. We feel really passionate about this and want to keep sharing with you our experience. In the near future we'll document the makeup products we'll throw out and what we got instead, so keep an eye out for that !! 

Go cruelty free with us, or at least try! You'll find that you'll feel way better about the products you're buying, and as time goes by you won't feel so sad about your staple products. You'll pass by their section at the store and stick your tongue out because they suck and should know better. Go cruelty free ! We promise all your favorite products have dupes :) 

| Daphne & Kristine |

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