Oct 4, 2015

Let's Talk | We're All Just Human

‘The Black Sheep’

That’s what everyone calls us isn’t it? Weird, boring, out of place.

The Quiet one, The Introvert. 

I’ve always grown up thinking there was something wrong with me because of the way I am. There’s nothing wrong with being introverted, or quiet, but everyone always makes it out to be like its such bad thing. Trying to explain to people why you like the things you like, explaining why there’s just some things you can’t do; People tend to tell you to stop being so shy,  to ‘just get over it,’ as if having anxiety is something you can just get over.

We spend our lives giving excuses so that we don’t have to participate in the things that make us uncomfortable, but everyone else likes. After a while, you just start to call yourself weird because so many people say it, you start to think it’s true. Growing up in a Hispanic home where everyone likes to party, drink, and dance, I always felt like maybe there was something wrong with me. I just couldn't bring myself to participate, and growing up I never knew why. I grew up thinking that maybe I wasn’t all human. Constant ‘what will they say’ and ‘what will they think’ thoughts. Always being nervous around people, eventually developing an anxiety disorder due to the fact that every thought revolved around me questioning myself. Starting the middle school and high school years and losing friends because I’m not the same. Not Normal. Not Human enough to fit in. 

Growing up and realizing that there’s nothing wrong with me. 

That I’m completely human.

We’re all human. The anxious, the depressed, the lonely, the disabled, the gay, the trans.

We’re all just freaking human and realizing that is the most uplifting thing. Doing the things you like, being who you are, wearing what you want…it’s all okay. As I’ve grown older I’ve picked up different hobbies that make me feel better.

- Journaling / Art
- Video games
- Reading and buying books

I want to thank Kristine and Daphne so much for this opportunity they have given me this month not just because I’m honored to be on their blog but because I have the chance to explain my thoughts for a change. Tell the people who read this that no matter what your problems are You. Are. Human. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you don’t deserve the air in your lungs. Find the things you love and do them. Make your wonderful art, listen to your awesome music. Be the person you want to be and love whoever it is you want to love. 

We’re all just Human.

Here's a little playlist I made for you guys :)

Solange Bello is a 22 year old who isn't afraid to say what's on her mind or what's bothering her. She's an old soul who has an obsession with everything halloween, especially witches. She has a passion for reading, journaling, painting and video games.  

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