Sep 10, 2015


School started a few weeks ago here in Miami, but some people are starting school this week. I don't know about you guys, but the few weeks leading to school are always so exciting. I always find myself constantly checking my email to see if any professors have sent a syllabus yet, I buy a new planner, and wait anxiously for the first day.

But once I see all the syllabi for the upcoming semester, I break out in cold sweats. How am I going to do all of this? Since I've been in University for a while now, I'm finally finding ways to stay organized for longer than the first two weeks of school and I want to share those tips with you!

Get yourself a planner! It definitely does not have to be something fancy and expensive, check if your school gives them out during the first week, or use a planner on your phone!! Once you do, write down all due dates!! Then each week, give yourself a little reminder like "Test on Ch. 1-4 next week!" Also, cross out the things you've done, you'll definitely feel satisfied once you see that you did all your work, or at least most of it!

I personally like to do little boxes and fill them in when they're done.
And I absolutely love washi tape and stickies!! 

Wall Calendar! Seeing when everything is due and important dates all at once and all up in your face, is sometimes way easier than taking out your planner and going through the pages and looking for it. You can either buy a dry erase one and put it up on your wall, or print out a monthly printable which you can find for free! The ones I use are from The Arialligraphy Project which you can find here.

For the list type of calendar, I like to write down my readings and when I have an exam.
The monthly one, has important dates like birthdays and such.

Meal Preps! I know it sounds a bit annoying, but trust me it works. You don't have to write what you're going to eat every single day exactly, but write down a few meals you'll want for din din that week. And if you have a roommate, you guys can pick one day of the week to sit down and figure it out together. You can even go the extra mile, and cook them all in one day and save them for the week.

I usually like to use my notes section on my phone, but this notepad is too cute.

Stickies! These are very useful and handy, especially to help you figure what needs to be done for the day. I'm not sure if all computers have them, but I know some do. It's an application that came with mine and I always find myself using them, either as a To Do list or things to remember. I especially like to use them as a to do list, writing what readings should be done that day and what homework should be done.

The blue is for my blog to do list and the pink is for school!
(I got my desktop wallpaper on the shop.bando website here!)

This is what I find works for me and I hope they help you a little throughout this semester. I know staying organized can be a hassle, but just have one day and one hour to fill out your planner and to see what is coming up and get ready. This always helps me because I feel way more prepared once the week starts. Also, if you have Tumblr, there's a whole studying/school community and they're so sweet and motivational, just check the studyblr tag and you'll find more useful tips there as well! Hope you all have a great semester and school year !!

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