Sep 2, 2015

Review | Warby Parker Glasses

I wear glasses, and I get tired of frames pretty quickly. The ones I have currently I've had for about a year and I already want new ones, but it's pretty hard looking for frames and lenses at a cheap and affordable price so that's where Warby Parker comes in.

About a few months back I heard about Warby Parker and I got so excited about it. Basically, you go online and you're able to pick 5 glasses to try on for free !!! You choose the ones you want and fill out your shipping information and in a few days they'll show up at your house and in 5 days you have to ship them right back. I love this concept so much and I couldn't wait to make a blog post about it.

I took some pictures of the glasses I chose to try on, and I have my heart set on two of them (Haskell and Durand). Which ones are your favorite?

Top: Coley - Crystal
Bottom: Haskell - Crystal

Top: Fillmore - Redwood Ash
Bottom: Vaughan - Eastern Bluebird Fade

Durand - Whiskey Tortoise

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  1. Anonymous5/24/2016

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