Sep 6, 2015

Let's Talk | 1,2, 3 GO!

Hello lovelies!
Every first Sunday of the month we are going to try to have someone guest blog! We are excited for you to see and hear a new voice! There will be lots of new and different topics since it's entirely in the writer's hands. The picture, the topic and the way it is presented to you, is all them. We hope you're as excited as we are! Our first guest blogger is a dear friend of ours and here is what she had to say!!


If you and I are about the same age, we both are at the same turning corner of our lives. We’ve all seen doors open up to us, but decided to shut them, and we might regret it, but in the end I believe that if we didn’t walk through that door it is simply because the timing wasn’t right. 

It’s okay to do the same job for years, and to stay in the same place with the same people, if that fits with your personality. But if you’re like me and crave change, and that’s not enough, well you have to know something for sure - you have to know when to take the lead and to move on, because nobody else but yourself will.

Tip 1 – Take risks
          It’s not true that you will fail. And, even if you do, at least you tried.. right? If it is something you think you might like, and balance the pros and cons, the chances are you will enjoy yourself, or partially. 
            Little story time! I was working in an office for a political figure for a bit more than 2 years. A friend told me about a summer job for children in need, and it seemed so enriching and challenging and energizing   that I decided to leave my old job behind. I denied a comfortable $14/h student job to get a $60/day working 15 hours a day job! Do the math. Am I crazy? Maybe a bit. But, I met wonderful children who taught me more than what I could have imagined, and the outcome was that PLUS numerous strong friendships and you might even meet a special someone that makes you feel extra extra special!! What I am trying to say here is simple, do it. Seems hard to apply, but not really.

Tip 2 – Try, for real
            Try something, develop new skills! Like things that you thought about before but never really took the time to explore. If you don’t try you’ll never know! Be positive and focus on what worked for you! Because even though it does not come out the way you expected, you did it. And, if people make fun of you ever with that ‘‘B*tch please, I did what I wanted to do’’ *insert a little bit of Nicki Minaj attitude here*. I hated running before, and because I tried – that means more than one time huh – I came to like it!
            We both know that we can do it. We just need a little bit of confidence!

Tip 3 – Say yes! 
            The worst that could happen is... funny story to tell your friends? I can’t even enumerate to you the number of dates I’ve been on. I used Tinder - Yes, and it’s not a shame. I met a girl once, and we went out and had a very good time! We had a good frozen yogurt and shopped, and we remained friends! Now she moved to Ottawa, but we still talk! If a friend asks you to chill with their friends, do it! You’ll meet people! You might not like them all, but you might like 1 or 2... Oh, and please don’t let the weather ruin your day, unless there is a tornado alert, then just don’t. But, if it’s raining, rain won’t kill you, you can still go for a coffee.
            I ain’t professional or anything of the sort, I am just a normal girl who is trying to make her life a little bit less dull. It worked for me; maybe it won’t for you, but then what! We are all different! I like motion, I hope you will too.
            Ok, don’t forget one thing though, maybe you are not ready yet. And, it is okay! Take your time and take care of yourself first, keep your stability going and continue to feed relationships that are very dear to you. Don’t forget take care of your little person, it’s not being selfish. That’s what matters the most!

Virginie Kristina Séguin is a 20 year old student studying Human Relations at Concordia University. She has a passion for singing, people, and animal rights! She recently transitioned into becoming a vegetarian and also into using cruelty-free products. 

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