Sep 27, 2015

Follow Me Around | BOW TOWN

"The idea underlying this show is that we absolutely need to make Montreal a bow town, not a bro town. We are tired of the boring old mentality going around art galleries and feeling unsafe in the streets. We want softness and femme power to take over this city!"
This weekend I visited the Monastiraki to have a look at the Bow Town exhibit. It features the work of feminist artists in the area. I was already familiar with two artists who are featured in this exhibit: Sugarbones and Ambivalently Yours and I wanted to have a look at all the other talented ladies and how they transformed their feminist thoughts and ideas into art. (You can find the other wonderful and talented artists that are featured in the link above.) 
The Monastiraki is a curiosity shop and art galery and has been up and running for 17 years and counting. They hold different exhibits every month and sell artistic treasures such as zines, paintings, art prints and much more. (All created by local artists!!!) 
I decided to take you along and show you the beauty of this gallery! If you live in the area I highly recommend checking it out. There is something for everyone and encouraging local artists is also very very very cool! I hope you enjoy!
NOTE: The exhibit will be at the Monastiraki until October 4th 2015!!
xx, Daphne

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