Aug 24, 2015

Letters to August | 03

We're on the third week of August already, I can't believe it. One more week and we're already September, where is the time going?

For this week, instead of posting up a little video, I decided to just post my favorite and memorable pictures from this summer since I spent it in Montreal with Daphne. I hope you're enjoying this series as much as we are :) 

My first ever early morning flight.
When I realized cats have human souls.
What I'll miss the most :'( Iced Cappucinos from Tim Hortons

One of the loveliest views I've seen. 

My favorite place to visit: the oratory. 

I wish this little ladybug landed on me willingly, but sadly I placed it there. 

On the way to the museum!! 

One of my favorites from the museum.

Typical Monday morning, watching The Michalaks video while drinking coffee in bed.

If you haven't tried beaver tails, do it !!!!! 

Official Dog Whisperer. 

This sunset was so surreal, I've never experienced one like it. 

Sunsets are obviously a thing I love. 

One of my first time seeing one of these bad boys, and I won't forget it. 

Saw these little flowers on the ground and had to pick them up and take them home. 

First time I ever saw a lotus flower in person !!! 

This huge tree made me question my existence. I was also probably looking at a squirrel. 

This one statue reminded me of my mother for some reason. 

These lovely blue flowers are called Delphinium, which is awfully close to Daphne. Aren't they gorgeous?? 

First time I ever had lemonade that had rose oil in it. 

I have this thing with floors. 

Monarch butterflies are so serene in person, look at how beautiful ! 

Miami has no mountains, so I always look at them with child wonderment when I'm up close. 


This reminded me that not everything in life is tangible. 

Saw a little bit of America in Canada and I smiled. 

And that concludes my time to Montreal!!

Thank you Montreal and thank you Canada for being so great and for making wanting to experience so much more. Thank you to Daphne who has been by my side and loved me even though I'm the dorkiest person she knows.

Until next time August, and until next time Canada, I will love you both always,

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