Aug 29, 2015

An Open Letter To My Mom

I've been thinking a lot about mothers lately; about what it must feel like to give birth to a tiny little blob of a human and teach it things like how to walk, talk, sing and all the other wonderful things that life has to offer to that tiny blob of a human. 

I have also been thinking about what it must feel like to be told that you cannot conceive a tiny little blob of a human, but deciding to give a tiny blob of a human the gift of having a mom, by teaching it all the same things any mom does. 

I thought about writing a letter to moms in general because they are awesome -most of the time- but instead decided to write an open letter to my mom. Because my mom is an ethereal fairy princess that can literally conquer any curveball that life throws at her and I think everyone should know how great my mom is.

Mom, this is for you.

I would like to thank you. 

Thank you for always being supportive of my crazy ideas and projects and always going out of your way to help me out. If you're not holding up lights in crazy angles for me to finish up a project, you're brainstorming with me and trying your best to help me make my vision come true.
Thank you for reading my numerous stories and encouraging me to keep doing what I love, even if I'm not that good at it, as long as I'm happy and passionate. 

Thank you for always being patient with me; for explaining things a million times and never showing impatience. Thank you for being compassionate and always trying to see my point of view. 

Thank you for being a friend and confiding in me. Thank you for all those nights we stayed up in the kitchen talking for hours and here's to all the other nights like those to come. I wouldn't trade them for anything else in this universe. Thank you for your loyalty and for making me feel safe and validated.

Thank you for being a great role model. For teaching me how to provide for myself and how often times life is way better when you don't have much, that life isn't all about the materialistic things. Thank you for showing me that it isn't hard to be your own person, to not be afraid to speak out for myself and others when needed. That life is too short to keep quiet and let people get away with disrespect and rudeness. 

Thank you for not being scared of letting me go and experiencing life for myself. Thank you for trusting me in my life choices even if sometimes it seems a little crazy and isn't the smartest choice. Thank you for worrying about me, and always looking out for me. 

Thank you for being the best mom in the universe. There are no other words for me to use other than those in this letter to tell you how much I love and appreciate you. You are my rock and I have you to thank for all I have accomplished in my short but incredible twenty years. Thank you for everything you have done and everything you do for me. I wouldn't trade you for anything in this entire universe.

I hope one day I'll be half the mom you are to me. 
I love you to the moon and back.

Love, ta cocotte.

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