Jun 15, 2015

Written Secrets | May

Hello again!! It's been a while since we last posted and we apologize for that. We were both working on what we want for the blog and where we want it to go, but if you haven't noticed we got a new look!! Tell us what you think! 

Now for the best part, each month we'll be showing our favorite journal pages of the month. And if you follow our instagram, then you'll see that we both posted videos going through our pages for the month. Click here and here to check it out. 

I hope you guys enjoy these kind of posts because we absolutely love them, and we're definitely looking forward to posting more. Hope your summer is going great and please don't be afraid to leave comments! 
(please excuse the difference in pictures, 2 different people living in 2 different places sometimes means different pictures!)

| Daphne & Kristine |

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