Apr 16, 2015

A Little Break

If you're in college or university then you know that once again, it's finals time, the time we dread most. The time that sweat, blood, and tears are shed. Daphne and I are going to take a little break from the blog to focus on our studies and try to ace all of our exams. 

If you're taking your exams soon please remember to get rest and not to crunch everything the night before the exam! Before going to sleep, go over your notes!! There was a study that showed that studying before going to sleep helped students retain information. Don't forget to eat breakfast the day of your exam (and also every day btw) and stay hydrated. 

Remember to just try your best, and not to stress about it too much. Your health is more important than school. Hope all of you do well on your exams!! We don't know when we'll get back to posting, but we will definitely be back by May. 

Good Luck! 

| Kristine |

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