Mar 6, 2015

What We're Watching | YouTube

The majority of people when they say that they've just been sat around watching Youtube videos, they usually mean kitten videos, movie trailers, and music videos. But it's so so so much more; beauty gurus, vloggers, booktubers, and so many more occupy the majority of Youtube. And I'm just going to tell you some of my favorite Youtube ladies that I absolutely love.

(These are, of course, in order of the pictures above!) 
(And for those of you who don't know, vlogging is when they just record what they do for the day, which sounds boring, but I promise it isn't. It's sorta like reality TV)

01. EssieButton | Main Channel | Vlog Channel
Estée Lalonde, or also widely known as Essie Button, is a beauty guru. She mainly does videos such as drugstore favorites, fashion hauls, and monthly favorites. But she also has videos that have to do with her fitness journey (HealthyButton) and this year she started a sort of book club (ButtonsBookshelf). She's my absolute fave, she's hilarious, kind, and genuine. I'm always trying to stay up to date with her videos, both main and vlogging channel.
02. BooksAndQuills | Main Channel | Beauty Channel
Sanne, also my absolute fave. Sanne is from the Netherlands but lives with roommates in London. Her channel is all about books. Book reviews, book dedications, how to avoid cracking the book of the spine, book hauls, etc. She reviews and summarizes books so amazingly, I always find myself going on Amazon searching for the book and contemplating buying it. Her beauty channel DerpinaMode is with her best friend, Marion, and it's simple and shot so great. 

03. Velvetgh0st | Main Channel | Vlog Channel
Oh Gabby. Gabby is great, if not extremely honest. She wants nothing to do with drama and she's a lovely singer. She's also a beauty guru, showing videos of routines, her makeup collection, and celebrity looks. Her vlog channel is what I love most, where she's basically just walking around talking about how much she loves cats and disney. 
04. Hannah Maggs | Main Channel
Okay, if there's one channel that I just binge watch it's the Michalaks. They're weekly vlogs that are posted on Sundays, which is where the term #SundaysWithTheMichalaks came from. It's Hannah, her husband Stef, and their son Grayson. It's mostly Hannah who records, she just shows what they get up to everyday and Stef edits the videos on Sundays and then posts them up. They're so beautifuly edited, and the music they put with the shots always go well together. My favorite is that all the viewers get to watch baby Grayson grow up, and he's just the cutest little boy ever. What I find great anout their channel is that they started is so Gratson could have video diaries to look back on what his life was like and a yearater, over 200,000 people areeatching too. 

05. MissGlamorazzi | Main Channel | Vlog Channel
Ingrid Nilsen has such a bubbly personality, her main channel is mostly about beauty. With hairstyles, monthly favorites, and DIY videos. Her vlogging channel is when her personality really shines through, my favorite is when her cat Nugget shows up. She's also the one who had come up with Vlogmas!
06. Arden Rose | Main Channel
Arden is someone that I recently started watching. She has a little bit of everything, from makeup routines to why cats are better than dogs videos. I find her hilarious and just great all around. She started out as a beauty guru and just started doing videos that she actually liked, and they're just as entertaining if not even more. 

07. Alexa Losey | Main Channel
Alexa's channel is not one that I'm always on, but that doesn't mean I don't like her. She has videos like lookbooks, fall outfits, and get ready with me videos. She went to live in London for a year, and those are great videos to watch. She's still a student which is great, because it makes her more relatable. She absolutely loves Taco Bell and is friends with Rebecca Black. Who wouldn't want to be friends with her?? 

08. Zoella | Main Channel | Vlog Channel
Zoe! Zoella! One of the most famous Youtube beauty gurus. Although she has great videos on her main channel, such as hairstyles and makeup looks, everyone enjoys her vlogs the most. She has a book, a beauty product line, and a cute little pug named Nala. She's mostly positive and bubbly, and she's always bringing up anxiety and mental health, because she deals with it and sheds light on it, which is always great. She now lives with her boyfriend Alfie, and is always showing the Youtube community what they're up to on her vlogging channel. 

I know this got a bit lengthy, but when I start talking about something I like I can never really stop. These are just 8 of the few Youtube channels that both Daphne and I watch, but these are my fave!

What videos do you find yourself watching when you're on Youtube? And who are your favorite Youtube vloggers?

| Kristine |  

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