Mar 29, 2015

Weekly Favorites | 03

Hope everyone is enjoying their last Sunday of March! Here are some links you can enjoy today, or the rest of the week.

- If you haven't noticed, we're really big on backpacks, this Kate Spade one I absolutely love and need to have asap as possible. 

- This asos outfit is so floral and cute and reminds me of Florence Welch, I would love to wear it for a festival. We couldn't find the link to top, but the outfit is still a weekly favorite.

- Purity Ring came out with an album last month, another eternity, and it's basically all I've been listening to since it's been released. But I absolutely love the album cover, I want it as a poster in my room. You can listen to their album and other music on spotify! 

- Backpacks again! Love the colors and pattern of this asos one.

- This Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette is absolutely to die for. This palette comes in seven different colours. You can check them out here!

- I am about to purchase this phone case from Skinny Dip London. I have been loving clear cases and this one is one of my favourites.

Other links you should check out!

- Love love love love Ellie Goulding's cover of Take Me to Church. Ellie is one of our favorite singers and her cover is absolutely wonderful and she doesn't change any of the pronouns.

- Mark Ruffalo reading 'Going Wrong' by Jack Gilbert  (Mark Ruffalo looking delicious)

- Would love to have these pillow cases one day. They're absolutely adorable!

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