Mar 23, 2015


Before we start we want to apologize for posting this a day late, with school and all it get's a little difficult to post at times. As always, better late than never. But our weekly faves are here again!! So, grab some popcorn and get ready to click some links!

  • Absolutely love this cute backpack from Modcloth. Although out of stock and a bit pricey, I still love it and think it would look great with some pins or maybe some patches
  • Jewelry made from upcycled weapons of conflict from Cambodia such as bullets, bombshells, and other miscellaneous accessories of war. Love the concept and message, and it looks great.
  • If there's one thing that we both love to do, is look for inspiration to decorate rooms and homes on pinterest. And we definitely love the scandanavian style. This scandavian styled home is one of our favorites out of many. 
  • I have been eyeing this backpack from DailyLook for ages now. It would be perfect for summer. It will be restocked soon so you can preorder it now!  
  • Cheap and effective is what I look for in a good moisturizer. This gem has been saving my skin time and time again this winter. It's a great weapon for battling dry skin patches; it feels cool on the skin and is water-based which is always super nice. You can get the L'oréal Hydrafresh moisturizer here for 10$
  • I will be moving in a month and I have been looking high and low all over the internet for accessories for my new bedroom. I stumbled upon this great etsy shop run by Kathryn called ConfettiRiot. Her pillows are gorgeous and I will definitely be getting a few of my own.

Some other links you can check out this week:
  • Wantfeed. The greatest invention on the planet. It is basically a universal wishlist: you create an account and post links of items you want and boom! Everything is neat and organized in one place. Gone are the days of bookmarking every little thing. You can also check out other people's wantfeeds through the website. You can check mine out here
  • I dare you not to smile or laugh while watching this vine.
  • Songza is like pandora but so much better. It's so hard to explain but basically it'll make playlists depending on the time and day. For Saturday mornings, they'll have options such as driving, cleaning, or having friends over. You choose that then you have more options. And this is getting lengthy, but you should definitely check it out. 
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