Mar 10, 2015

Aim to Read More

If there is one thing I have always loved, it's reading.  I used to read books so often, closing one book and picking up another one and starting it. But picking up a book and actually finishing it has been harder to do, with work and school I barely find the time. At least that's what I always used to tell myself.

Now though, I tell myself I'm going to find the time. If I can find the time to watch episodes of Netflix, scroll through social media, and read blogs, then I can definitely find the time to read a book. And I know reading blogs and online magazines is technically called reading, but I mean actually reading a book. So, what have I changed?

  • Right before going to bed, instead of being on my phone, I put it aside and pick up my book.

  • Take my book with me. Whether waiting at doctors appointments or waiting for my mom to get out of work while picking her up, I have time to read at least a few pages.

  • I choose reading a chapter instead of watching an episode on Netflix.

  • Instead of trying to finish up a book as quick as I can, I take my time. Reading isn't supposed to be a race.

  • I don't ever really know what book I'm going to read next. This is something I always used to do, I would have a pile of books waiting for me on my bedside table. Now, I figure out what I'm going to read next once I'm done with what I'm currently reading. 

There's always time to do things you love or things you want to start trying to do, whether it's reading or a DIY project. You're just not really taking it as a priority. The majority of us spend so much time on social media, we say we don't have the time for our hobbies. There's always a little bit of time, you just need to find it. 

What do you want to start doing on your spare time? 

| Kristine | 


  1. Time is something people barely have anymore, between work, school, kids, cooking, cleaning, and seeing through with other people's priorities wether it's your kids or your school or your jobs, time just sort of gets lost in a time warp where at the end of the day you are too tired to do your hobby whether it is to exercise or read a book, in my instance I love to read and exercise.
    And I do all the above and when it comes to school I have to read up to 15 chapters at a time for the next school day. But lately I have been finding time to sneak in a page or two before going to bed of a book, maybe I won't finish it till next year but I'm doing something I've always loved.
    So, time, time is always on our side, holding our hands, waiting for us to tell it what to do.

    1. I completely agree! Last year I was barely able to read anything, with work and school in the way it was so hard. But I said I'll try a little harder this year because I missed reading and I missed the feeling of getting lost in the book. Last semester I would even go to class a little bit early just so I can read a few pages before it started. As long as you always have at least a little bit of "me" time. Thanks for the response!! :)


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