Feb 19, 2015

Written Secrets | Journaling

Journaling. It's something I've always loved doing. People have this misconception of journaling, thinking they have to write about all the details of their day down. But there's so many different types of journals, and you can obviously just do what you feel is best. Written Secrets is going to be a journaling series, since both Daphne and I absolutely love doing it. And I thought maybe the first post could be my journaling essentials.

Of course, you don't need everything, or need to get any of these things, but it's how I like to journal. So without further ado, here's a few things you might like to brighten up your journal and make it a little bit nicer, and make you want to write in your journal.
  • For starters, decorate your journal. Buy stickers and put them on the cover. Fill it up, or just put a few, or put none at all. But make sure the journal you get is something you want to pick up and write in, because it's something you'll always be doing.
  • Washi Tape!!! Honestly, greatest invention yet, it's like your run of the mill tape, but so much better. They're prettier and nicer and when you take it off the paper it doesn't rip. Also, it's great to tape your pictures down.
  • Stickers. I absolutely love stickers, and because of journaling, I finally found a reason to have them. Brighten up those pages!
  • Water Colors. I just recently got mine, and it's the only way I've been journaling because I love it so much. With them you're able to have a pretty background, or just a nice page with lyrics or quotes.
  • Markers. It's honestly the same as the water colors. Make the pages look nice!
  • And finally last but not least, paper! They sell small journaling cards (actually, it's for albums), but they're great for journals. They're cute and small, and of course, make the pages look better than plain looking ones. 
These are just a few things I have, and like to use. Do you like to journal? And if so, what's your journaling style? And if not, do you think you'll try it soon? 

| Kristine |

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