Feb 20, 2015

Written Secrets | Essentials

Want to know what are my must haves for journaling? 

I have been finding myself reaching for this watercolor set that I got at Target -you can get it cheeper on amazon here- There's also the good 'ol pastel crayons  that are satisfying when I want to use something different than my regular pens but don't want to set up to paint.

These two types of pens are my absolute must-haves for journaling. I wont write or doodle with anything else. I have an embarrassing amount -enough that I know have doubles of every color available- of these Sharpie fine point pens. I personally prefer fine point pens most of the time but I absolutely love the color of these Papermate medium point markers and their vibrant colors. They do a great job at making my pages look vibrant and colorful. 

I love love love my Dear Lizzy stamp. I use it to mark the date every time I put something in my journal. I really like these Melissa & Doug glue sticks. I know it might sound a little strange but the glue doesn't leave annoying glue chunks on the back of my pages and the glue is purple which is A+ for me because i can actually see where I set the glue and now gone are the days of realizing i have glue all over my arms. Washi tape is also a must-have for me; it's a pretty way to stick pictures and notes on my pages or if i'm feeling extremely crafty i'll do some kind of pattern and tape a whole page. It's funner than it sounds I promise.

Let us know what kind of posts you would like to see for this journaling series and let me know what are some of your journaling essentials!

| Daphne |


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