Feb 26, 2015

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This was originally going to be me raving about Imagine Dragons new album, Smoke + Mirrors. But then I remembered that Florence + The Machine recently released her new song What Kind of Man, and I just couldn't not talk about it, you know? So without furter ado, shall we begin?

It's really hard to imagine (hA) that Imagine Dragons would come out with a better sounding album than the first one Night Visions, but they somehow did. Smoke + Mirrors is such a good album, it exceeds all my expectations.  Their new album has songs you just kind of want to dance around in your room at night (Trouble) or songs to just sing to at the top of your lungs (I Bet My Life and Polaroid) and songs that make Imagine Dragons, well, Imagine Dragons (I'm So Sorry and Friction.) If you haven't heard their album yet, I suggest you do yourself a favor and listen to it. It's on Spotify!

Now, Florence + The Machine. Florence Welch is literally a faerie queen, she is my absolute fave and for the past year I would whine to friends and family about how she hasn't released an album in the longest and where is she hiding. And then she releases What Kind of Man, I almost cried (I did.) I get goosebumps while listening to the song, and can't wait to hear the rest of the album that's going to be released June 2nd in the US. What Kind of Man has a similar sound to What the Water Gave Me, and when the song really starts off you really just want to dance, or just kind of walk around in a leather jacket with red lipstick on, am I right?

Now, I know I didn't really say that I was going to talk about Kodalines new album. Mostly because it hasn't been released here in the US. But I did have the chance to briefly listen to it, and I can still talk about their singles, right? Kodaline's new album, Coming Up for Air, is so unlike their previous album. I have a few favorites, including Ready, Honest, and The One. Although, The One isn't a single it's still one of my faves. I like this version better though.  I really wish I could rave about the whole album, but I really only did listen to it briefly. April 14th really does need to come sooner. You can listen to their three singles on spotify! 

What are your current faves?

| Kristine |

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