Feb 24, 2015

Your Opinion Matters

Hello and welcome to our Tuesday Talks! We won't do this every week; we will only whip this out when we feel that there is something that needs to be talked about. Tuesday Talks will mostly be used to cover situations of injustice and of course times where good things happen in the world - to help remind ourselves that it isn't all just bad. - We will talk about things we feel strongly about and that we find need to be brought up; either covered by the media or not. We are also excited to see your opinion on the different subjects we will bring up.

To get the ball rolling, I thought I would make a post about opinions and why it's important for you to share yours.

10 reasons why you should voice your opinion

  1. You might help someone understand a topic. 
  2. Sharing with others can help you see from another point of view.
  3. You'll meet people with the same beliefs and values as you.
  4. You become more informed. There's always someone who knows something you don't.
  5. Some people aren't allowed to speak out so you should.
  6. It'll be easier to start conversations.
  7. Sometimes you learn you're wrong and it's okay.
  8. You might encourage someone to say something too.
  9. You might want to join in more debates, join protests and speak up more.
  10. Why shouldn't you?

5 tips to voice your opinion the right way

Evaluate the situation

There is nothing worse than strongly voicing your opinion about something and realizing that there was a small but very important detail that you didn't know about that changes your game completely. Be sure to question either yourself or others to understand and get all the details down before opening your mouth and delivering your opinion.Some questions you could ask yourself and/or others; 

Do you really know what the story is? Is the source where you got the information from reliable? Do you know people who might be involved/victims/witnesses? 

Know your place in the story/situation
Always remember that you should be extra careful when voicing your opinion if it is matter of either race, religion and/or politics. Think about where you stand in this particular situation and if it would be ethically okay for you to voice an opinion about it without causing problems. 

Do you really know what you're talking about? + know the vocabulary/problematic language
A good way of knowing what you're talking about is knowing the meaning of the vocabulary used in the situation. Racist, feminist, trans, terrorist. These are a few of so many terms that you need to be 100% certain to know what they mean before either giving an opinion on them and/or etiquetting people with them. Problematic language is another topic that I'll save for a rainy day, but for all the Curious Georges out there, you can read about it here.   
Stay Gold, Pony Boy
If you don't have anything else nice to say, don't say it. It really is as simple as that. There is no need for name calling and/or slurs of any kind. Think of what you are saying, of the way people could perceive your words as. Could what you're saying come off as rude or ignorant to someone else? Engage with others the way you would like others to engage with you.

I'm Always Right
Don't be that person that refuses to see the other side of the coin. You'll make everyone want to pull their hair out of their skulls; then everyone will be bald, and you'll still be caught in the middle of an argument. There might be cases when you actually are right but most of the time there is always two sides to a situation. Remember that not everyone will agree with you. Some people will say things that will want to make you shake their shoulders really hard and make them see from your point of view and that's okay. We are not all made to agree with each other and have the same opinions. Don't forget that it's okay to admit that you were wrong, in certain situations. We learn from it; being wrong and corrected.  It's important to learn to live with that. 

Do you have tips and tricks to sharing/voicing your opinion? 
Let me know in the comments!

| Daphne |

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