Dec 20, 2014

What's In My Carry On Bag

With the holidays practically right around the corner and many people going on vacation, -including myself- I thought I would show you what I pack in my carry-on. The " What's in my bag. " type of youtube videos and blog posts are one of my favourites; not only because i'm a curious person but also because that is mostly how I get ideas on what and how to pack. I thought I would jump in, give it a try and share with you everything i keep close while traveling.

The two things that I always make sure to pack first are my wallet and my pouch that holds my passport and my flight information/itinerary. I also make sure to have cash on me; especially if I'm going out of the country because you never know when one of -or all of- your cards wont work.

I hate having everything loose in my bag because why would you empty half of its contents to get that lip balm at the very bottom when you could have your things neatly placed in bags. In my makeup bag I have all my necessities; deodorant, hair ties and hair clips, a compact mirror, lip balm and hand creme, tissues, roll-on perfume, a hairbrush and a cloth to clean my glasses. 

In the small pouch I have all of my medications, gum and Listerine strips. 

The last bag I keep is one that holds all of my chargers and power banks. I always bring my neck pillow and a pair of socks. Also, obviously, my iPad, my iPhone, and my headphones.

To entertain myself when I decide to forgo sleeping pills, I usually bring a book, my journal, and a ridiculous amount of pens and pencils. 

I make sure to bring snacks, like almonds and granola bars, to avoid the overpriced food at the airport and on the plane. I also bring a few of my favourite tea bags because I'm that person that waits 20 minutes in line at Starbucks to ask for hot water. 

I always try to pack as light as possible and end up bringing everything I own just in case I might need it, even when I don't use 3/4 of what I bring. Better safe than sorry, eh?

Let me know what your carry-on must haves are!

Happy Holidays!!

| Daphne |

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