Nov 11, 2014

What We're Watching | 01

If there's one thing I'm good at, it's marathoning shows on Netflix. So I'm always getting questions like, "Have you seen blahblahblah yet?" and usually I answer yes and we go on a lengthy discussion about it and then the conversation inevitably leads up to another question which is, "Okay, but have you seen ...?" and it goes on. So it really is no surprise that one of my first blog posts I end up writing what I'm currently watching, which at the moment is Scandal.

I know I'm a bit behind on this bandwagon, and I'm regretting not watching it sooner when other friends recommended it. I'm only now in the beginning of the third season and I am HOOKED. I'm even waking up a little bit earlier just so I can get an episode in before I have to leave for school (and I'm definitely not a person who sacrifices sleep.) This show has everything, INCLUDING Kerry Washington who I absolutely adore. I'm not very good at summarizing shows so I'll just leave the plot that I found on Wikipedia below:
Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is a former White House Communications Director for the President of the United States who has left to start her own crisis management firm, Olivia Pope & Associates. Olivia has decided to dedicate her life to protecting the public images of the nation's elite but is finding that no matter how hard she tries, she cannot leave parts of her past behind.

Just as a warning though, there are definitely some trigger warnings. So if you can't stand blood or torture, then I'm not quite sure if you should watch it. Usually when these kind of episodes come up they have a viewers discretion notice before the episode so you'll know what you're getting yourself into. And there's also some sex scenees, nothing too crazy.

If you were like me and were trying to figure out what show to watch next I definitely recommend Scandal. Once I'm done with this one, which sadly will be soon :(, I plan on watching How To Get Away With Murder.

What do you recommend when talking to your friends?

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