Nov 5, 2014

The Beginning

 Just to quickly introduce ourselves, hi hello, we're Daphne and Kristine, two uni students who are looking for a way to share our ideas, thoughts and advice on things we love with people who can relate, and also with people who can't. We really just decided to do this because we thought it would be a fun and innovative experience, and also a great way to meet and connect with people online. We're also extremely new at this, looking at differen't links for the past few weeks that read along the lines of 'How to blog' and '10 things you should know about blogging!' but we decided what the hell, we're going to try our best and see what comes of it. We decided that we're definitely going to try to post twice a week, with a mixture of book reviews, school/life advice and playlists that will be posted monthly, and also so much more. Stick around to find out where this journey takes not only us, but you as well

(Does anyone else find it difficult to type now without the use of emojis? Or is that just us?)

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