Nov 13, 2014


"The best things in life aren't things"
This morning I woke up before the sun did and it was horrid. I wanted to do it the easy way; email my boss that I was sick and return to my warm, inviting bed. - We've all been there, eh? - Telling myself that the day belongs to those who wake up at dawn, it wasn't long before my delightful cup of coffee and I were on our way to work.

This morning I've been thinking about how the majority of the people don't appreciate anything. Or at least don't take the time to. I feel like we are now more prone to give importance to objects like our phones and laptops. And another thing is that we're always in such a hurry. I feel like for us students it is even worst; juggling school, work and a social life which ends up being a vicious cycle that never ends. Which is why I feel like it is important to sit down, once in a while, and reflect on what you have. Maybe even take the time to make a list of things you are thankful for at this very moment. So you can look back on it on days where you feel like the world is crashing down fast and hard on you, which is what today's post will be.

 Today, I am thankful for;

the roof that's over my head
toothpaste. I forgot to brush my teeth this morning
having healthy parents that are still together
Harry Styles
fresh starts
the place where I was born
my friends
I almost forgot about Nick Jonas
loving and being loved

I hope that you never forget to remind yourself of who are and all that is offered to you that is there for you to take and use to make yourself and your environment so much better; whether it be an audition for your school's talent show, a chance to revive a relationship or even little things like returning a smile that was given to you by a stranger. 

Let me know what you are thankful for today.

| Daphne |

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