Nov 18, 2014

Lifes Little Lessons.

Taking care of yourself. It's definitely much easier said than done. With finals coming up it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of stress and forget to just take a breather, step back, and see if the stress is really worth it.

When I'm stressing out about something I try and remember what Daphne usually tells me, is the stress going to make the situation any better? And when I realize it isn't, it's much easier to deal with the situation.

These are just a few tips to get you through finals, or any stressful situation you find yourself in:

  • Drink water. Plenty of it, if you're someone who doesn't usually drink water you'll instantly feel better once you've had some, trust me on this. 
  • Clean space = clear mind. This has always been true for me, once I've tidied things up I instantly feel like I can take over the world. 
  • To Do Lists! I know, it's a little scary when you start writing the list and when you end it you realize you have a lot to do, but the satisfaction of crossing them off is one of the best feelings. 
  • Make sure to eat, please. I try reminding myself this, when I'm caught up in everything I sometimes forget to grab a bite of something and I won't realize it until hours later, it isn't healthy and it isn't something I'm proud of.
  • Step back and see. When it comes to studying, it doesn't help to do it for hours on end. Your mind would be a cluttered mess and you'll be getting things confused and it'll be harder for you to concentrate. Take a bath, or a very hot shower, or go for a quick 15 minute walk. Just step away because when you return to studying (begrudingly of course) you'll come back with a fresh mind and will probably see things differently.  Here are some distractions.
  • Treat Yourself. When you're done with studying and you've put in your all and realize you've done all that you could, treat yourself. Whether it's a sweet like cupcakes, or to a Netflix marathon. Just do it. You'll feel great and know tht whatever happens you really did try your best. 

If you're in school and you have finals coming up good luck! I'll probably come back to this post once I'm a little bit closer, because even I forget every now and then that the stress really isn't worth it. 

| Kristine |

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