Nov 20, 2014

Get the Rubber Ducks Out!

I received a few bath products from Lush for my birthday this past September and haven't gotten around using them. I felt like the grubby tub in my apartment wasn't worthy of the Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars so I was patiently waiting for an opportunity to go visit my parents and benefit of their super nice bath. While visiting my family this weekend, I decided to treat myself and use both products together which was a wonderful idea.  

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb                        Amandopondo Bubble Bar 

I put the bath bomb in once my bath was filled and let it melt. You can cut you bath bomb in half if you feel like it would be enough or if it has a stronger scent. I find bath bombs to be a nice addition to what would be a rather boring bath, unless you poor yourself a glass of wine beforehand. Or even then why not do both and make it a party! This Bath Bomb contains Jasmine and Soya milk. It gave off a nice flowery scent and made my skin feel silky and smooth. It turned my bath water a light fuschia and what I found interesting is that the petals of the rose that sits in the middle fall off and don't melt which made it both sexy and romantic. 

I then ran some more water and added the Bubble Bar and i'm very thankful that Kristine warned me not to use the whole entire thing because that's exactly what I would've done. Bubble Bars are scented and contain oils which makes a perfect bubble bath. The Amandopondo Bubble Bar smells of roses and lemon and complimented the Bath Bomb perfectly. I usually go more towards spicy and herbal scents rather than flowery scents because I find that they are most of the time too sweet for me. This scent was very light and I was so pleased with it. I took about a quarter of it and it covered the whole surface of my bath tub with a thin layer of bubbles. Bubbles always make a bath ten times better. Always. 

All in all, my experience with these two products we're the perfect cure to a groggy Saturday morning and left me smelling like roses all day. I'm not kidding.Let me know what are your favourites from Lush or even products you would like to try!


| Daphne |

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